Bakery Simulator Update 1.3.4: New Driving System and Bug Fixes

Bakery Simulator Update 1.3.4
Bakery Simulator Update 1.3.4 Steam

Bakery Simulator recently received a new update that made several changes and bug fixes.

New Delivery System

In this update, developers added a new driving system for both small cars and trucks, which should give an arcade-like experience. This change should make things more refreshing, especially with the increase in delivery times, which was added to avoid time pressure.

City Level Performance

Developers also fixed performance issues on the City level. This level should run better now on recommended settings even with the graphics cranked up all the way to “very high.”

Bakery Simulator Update 1.3.4

  • Change in the tutorial: improved steps requiring the use of PLUCK and TRASH CAN, changed the amount of recognized bad ingredient in the bowl to 1g from 5g.
  • Change in mechanics: Courier. Courier available from the completion of the tutorial. Swapping the courier unlocking perk for a discount for deliveries. Basic courier costs change from 10% of the cost of the order to 5%. The first upgrade - 3% of the cost of the order. The second upgrade - 2% of the cost of the order.
  • Changed the amount of money when starting the game from 5,000 to 1,000.
  • Changed the camera angle in the City to top view. It is possible to adjust the field of view by scrolling the scroll of the mouse up or down.
  • Changed delivery points markers to make them more visible.
  • Muffins: small and large forms can be thrown from the tray straight into the trash can.
  • Change in mechanics: muffins. Added LMB hold option to streamline the addition of muffin papers to trays and pouring mass in one fell swoop.
  • Machine improvements: Improved Rounder Divider performance.
  • Save system: Removed crashes that could cause progress to be removed.
  • Fixed issues with FPS loss, providing more stability on all tiers of bakery and City level.
  • Fixed texture and lighting issues in certain districts of the City level.
  • Fixed game crashes on deliveries.
  • Fix for loss of input on USB devices.
  • Fix: The trigger on the red tray in the rounder divider is too small.
  • Fix: The bowl from the large mixer does not respond to the reset of the position.
  • Fix: After the reset of the position, the largest bowl on the cart does not detach from the player. Also added resetting the position to the default.
  • Fix: Fixed problem with disappearing slots on tables.

You can read more about the update here.

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