Back 4 Blood: River of Blood Expansion Introduces Latest Cleaner, New Campaign, and Game Mode

River of Blood Expansion
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Back 4 Blood: River of Blood launches later today. This update features the titular campaign where players will work with a new Cleaner named Tala as she looks for her brother Derek.

Tala is the latest Cleaner in Back 4 Blood. What’s cool about her is that Warped Chests have a chance to spawn during missions when she’s with the party. These chests contain legendary weapons and accessories, though players should open them with special keys to avoid getting a random Corruption debuff.

As players come across more challenging threats, Tala can utilize a special whistle that summons Jeff - a modified version of the Tallboy that can aid the party in battle. Tala also specializes in fighting against the Ridden because she inflicts the bleeding effect on them, dealing damage over time as she continues to attack.

Aside from Tala, there’s a new game mode introduced in the River of Blood expansion called Trial of the Worm. Here, players will battle through a series of maps that gets tougher with Corruption Modifiers in place. Players can select as many modifiers as they want, but things get increasingly more difficult as they do so.

Here are the other new features that players can expect in the upcoming expansion:

  • Melee Attachments
    • Attachments aren't just for ranged weapons any more! Find and use melee-specific attachments to make close-range combat even more deadly for Ridden and Cultists.
  • 11 New Cards
    • 8 Player cards.
    • Developer Note: Previously shown images of some of the new player cards on social media have a slightly altered description than what is now currently up-to-date and in-game.
  • 3 Director cards.
  • 2 New Weapons
    • Deal some serious damage with the LAW rocket launcher, or burn it all to the ground with the Flamethrower.
  • Sentinel Enemy Type
    • The Sentinel family of Mutated Ridden are a result of Devil Worms attempting to mimic human forms instead of taking over a host. Anyone who tries to run past a Sentinel instead of killing it will suffer the consequences.
  • 12 New Cleaner Skins
    • 8 Exclusive Cleaner Skins available for Expansion 3 owners.
    • 4 Cleaner skins available to non-expansion owners for Hoffman, Doc, Heng, and Sharice.
  • 5 New Weapon Skin Sets
    • 1 Exclusive set of Weapon Skins available for Expansion 3 owners.
    • 4 Cleaner-themed sets of Weapon Skins purchasable in Skull Totem lines.
  • New Banners, Sprays, and Emblems
  • New Achievements and Accomplishments
  • Holiday Event in Fort Hope
    • The Winter event is back in Fort Hope with more lights, music, and holiday cheer, along with seasonal Supply Lines!

Back 4 Blood River of Blood arrives later today at 1 p.m. EST.

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