Back 4 Blood: River of Blood Expansion Buffs Brazen and Slugger; Nerfs Unnatural Healing

River of Blood Expansion
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Back 4 Blood: River of Blood expansion will be available today at 1 p.m. EST and it is going to implement a ton of balancing changes.

There are a couple of cards buffed in the game’s upcoming expansion. First is Brazen - an offense card - that used to only offer an increase in melee stamina efficiency and melee attack speed. In River of Blood, this card now includes a 15% increase in bow stamina efficiency, as well as a 20% increase in bow attack speed.

Another card that got buffed is Slugger. Just like Brazen, Slugger now includes a 10% increase in bow stamina efficiency and a 20% increase in bow attack speed. However, instead of giving players a paltry five HP boost, the card now improves health by 5% that should help them survive longer in the fight against the Ridden.

While substantial buffs have been made to Brazen and Slugger, Unnatural Healing got heavily nerfed. It previously heals five HP per second after not taking damage for 4.5 seconds. But it got nerfed and now only provides one HP per second of healing.

According to Turtle Rock Studios, this change was made because Legendary Cards now affect the entire team instead of only one member of the group.

Here are the other changes that can be expected in Back 4 Blood: River of Blood:

  • Players incapacitated in Saferooms now count as Survivors.
  • Bonuses for Quickplay increased to 25% from 15%.
  • Various collision improvements made across multiple Maps and Ridden Hives so players cannot navigate to unreachable areas.
  • All unused Titles have been hooked up to various rewards.
  • Legendary Cards now apply to all team members.
  • Skull Totem prices have been reduced for several Burn Cards.
  • Heavy Attack
    • Heavy attack has been moved to the ADS button while wielding a melee weapon, and is now 1 button press to activate rather than charging up.
  • Hired Gun
    • The maximum amount of Copper gained has now been increased to 1,000.
    • Copper per kill increased to 5 from 2.
  • More difficult Director Cards are now weighted towards later Acts on Recruit and Veteran Difficulties.
  • Ugly Chachkies
    • Bonuses for Mementos increased to 15% from 5%.
  • Stamina Drain for Heavy Attacks has been increased slightly.
  • Lowest tier reload speed has been increased.
  • The Embezzler weapon now uses Sniper ammo.
  • The Tenderizer now plays reload animations after hitting Cultist Traps.
  • The Minigun in the Fort Hope shooting range is now an unlimited pickup.
  • Bow
    • Now uses melee attachments.
    • Now deals reduced damage and reloads at slower speeds when firing without Stamina.
    • Arrows now travel faster when charged in ADS.
    • Lowered the stamina cost for firing arrows and pulling arrows back in ADS.
    • Reduced the amount of time the player is locked into the firing state when firing arrows.
    • Lowered min and max spread.
    • Increased spread decay rate.
    • Now affected by Bullet Damage and Reload Speed bonuses from cards.
  • Iron Claws
    • Now deals more damage to doors.
    • Max stacks reduced to 20 from infinite.

The full patch notes can be found here.

So, what can you say about the balancing changes made to certain cards in Back 4 Blood?

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