Azur Lane: Crosswave Comes To PS4 In The West Next Year

Cute anime girls in naval battles. Now I've seen it all.
From mobile phones to PlayStation 4s.
From mobile phones to PlayStation 4s. Idea Factory International

Idea Factory International confirmed that Azur Lane: Crosswave is heading westward sometime next year.

Azur Lane was originally a slide-scrolling shooter mobile video game made by Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi. It was released for both IOS and Android two years ago. Yostar then published a Japanese and English version which allowed more players throughout the world to join in the fun. Azur Lane quickly gained popularity, and within a few months after its launch in Japan player counts reached five million. It was even voted to be in the Top 5 of Google Play’s Best Game in 2017.

Azur Lane: Crosswave carries on the original theme of the mobile game, but will use Unreal Engine to pull off a 3-dimensional world to let the players enjoy the game’s all new look. The characters will be cel shaded and take on an anime style, but will still stick to original designs.

The key features of Azure Lane: Crosswave, released by the Idea Factory International, are listed below:

  • Ships at Bae – Players will need to defeat enemy ships and meet special criteria to unlock and customize new characters. Swap weapons and even cute accessories to fit your needs as the top commander of the seas! With a multitude of characters to collect each equipped with unique strengths and abilities and NPCs to unlock, every player will definitely find their favorite commander to customize!
  • Ready Your Torpedoes & Set Sail – Before you set sail, players can prepare their character units, formations, and equipment. Customizing and preparing your formation ahead of battle is crucial!
  • Glide & Weave – Don’t just sit out there like a buoy! Prepare yourself and input your attacks!Pay close attention to aerial bombs, underwater torpedoes, and incoming projectiles. Launch and aim your torpedoes, shoot down incoming aerial attacks with your anti-air guns, and swiftly glide past any incoming missiles!
  • Unreal Big Fish – Azur Lane: Crosswave uses the Unreal Engine and it brings your favorite 2D characters in the original mobile app come to life in this 3D, cel-shaded world!

We won’t be seeing Azur Lane: Crosswave anytime soon, as a release date hsn't been announced outside of somewhere in 2020. That said, we’re expecting to hear more news throughout the year. What we know though, is that it will be available for PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe. Expect to hear more coverage from us as this develops.

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