Away: The Survival Series Officially Announced - Here's What We Can Expect

Breaking Walls brings nature documentaries to life on the PlayStation 4.
You get to play as the Sugar Glider in the distant future of a world.
You get to play as the Sugar Glider in the distant future of a world. Breaking Walls

Ever wanted to play as a furry gliding creature as it goes through its life in the wild, much like those Planet Earth and Animal Planet documentaries? Well, it looks like you finally can, as Sony recently announced one of its upcoming titles developed by Breaking Walls: the adventure game Away: The Survival Series.

This title was announced during Sony's latest State of Play, and it featured in-game footage of what we can expect. Laurent Bernier, creative director for Breaking Walls, also shed some light on what Away: The Survival Series is and what we can expect from this unique and exotic game. You can read the entirety of the post on the PlayStation Blog.

Away: The Survival Series takes place in a distant future, where it seems that only animals have survived. You can experience adventures unlike any other as the Sugar Glider, a cuddly, furry little marsupial that can glide from place to place. The world you are in is constantly marred with natural disasters that will kill off smaller animals, and your primary goal is to survive these encounters. Venturing deep into the wilderness is key, as it holds a sanctuary where the Sugar Glider can be safe from the elements and dangerous creatures that threaten its existence. Along the way, you will try to uncover the origins of the mysterious world you now inhabit.

The environments of Away are made to be as detailed as possible, given the small size of the Sugar Glider. This means that there is an extraordinary level of realism found in the game, which you are free to explore as you please. The Sugar Glider can jump, climb and glide through most of its surroundings; the level design takes advantage of this by focusing on those elements.

Not everything is roses, though; this is nature after all, and if you’ve watched enough nature documentaries like me you will know that danger lurks in every corner, especially since the Sugar Glider is far down on the food chain. While you will be able to hunt smaller insects and other critters, you will have to watch out for higher predators which will hunt and try to kill you. Such is the circle of life, I suppose.

There’s no release date yet for Away: The Survival Series, but we do know that it will be made available on Steam as well as PS4. Expect to hear more from us regarding this title once more news drops.

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