Avolteha is Coming Exclusively for iOS May 31

A new adventure awaits.
A new adventure awaits. Picopeople

A new point-and-click adventure is coming soon to mobile devices. After almost a decade of being in development, Avolteha is ready to come out this May 31, exclusively for iOS devices.

As a background, it was back in 2012 when indie developer studio Picopeople came up with the idea of a point-and-click adventure. At the time, it was merely a concept and didn’t have any writing. That didn’t stop the studio from creating the story, puzzles, and even first design ideas.

Over the years, a lot of features were added, and the studio revealed in a statement that this was a rather lengthy process considering all the animations and graphics that had to be created. One of the hitches encountered during the development process was the implementation of the iCloud connection, which took almost two years to resolve.

The Story

Avolteha is the planet where Paul takes on his greatest adventure. It’s full of sand, rocks, and volcanoes. One element that is difficult to find here is water, which is the source of all life. On the planet, water can only be found in the clouds. To get this precious resource, a certain type of mushroom is needed to extract the water.

Because of this, years ago the inhabitants of the planet built their civilization around these mushrooms. However, it appears that the water source has run out again and it’s time for Paul to find a solution to the problem.

Game Features

Key features of the game include:

  • Game Controls
    • Paul can pick up items easily along the way and take them with him on his journey.
    • There are a lot of tricky puzzles waiting to be solved.
  • No Boring Texts
    • Don’t worry about endless dialogues.
    • Conversations can be followed through hand-drawn speech bubbles without any text.
  • iCloud Connection
    • The game is playable with four players simultaneously.
    • Game states can be easily changed with the slots.
    • All 4 slots are synchronized via iCloud.
  • For Numerous Devices
    • The game is playable on iPad and iPhone.
    • Lowest requirement: iPad Air or iPhone 6s or higher.
    • All newer devices are supported.
  • Zoom for the iPhone
    • With only one finger, players can intuitively zoom in, move and zoom out again.

The game is available for $6.99 with pre-orders now being accepted at the AppStore.

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