Automobilista 2: Hotfix v1.4.1.3 Brings AI Fixes and Improvements

Hotfix v1.4.1.3
Hotfix v1.4.1.3 Twitter/@ReizaStudios

New AI improvements and bug fixes have been implemented in the latest update for Automobilista 2.

Hotfix v1.4.1.3 resolves a bug where the wrong AI could lead the Full Course Yellow group. This happens when the supposed leader of the group has pitted during full course yellow; this is now fixed.

The developers also added a new function to help minimize the AI’s chances of hitting outside walls in ovals. You could say that the AI won’t do anything stupid from now on and may likely even drive better during the race.

The latest update for Automobilista 2 implemented tire tread adjustments to certain cars as well, including Caterhams, F-Trainer, Superkart, GT Classics, and the Opala Old Stock. For those who don’t know, tire tread is rubber found on the circumference of a tire that makes direct contact with the road. The tire tread adjustments are most likely to give these cars better traction on the race track.

Here are the other changes added in this patch:

  • Downforce oval/downforce variants will now load the main custom AI driver XML file (prevents the need to duplicate the main XML per variant)
  • Further revisions to all wet weather tires and added option for cars that were missing it
  • Minor corrections to front and rear wing center of pressure in all formula cars
  • F-USA Gen1-3: Reduced draft and lift increment with radiator and brake setting for oval variants
  • Superkart: Further: wheelbase/track width adjustments; Adjusted FFB (Force Feedback) for a higher level of filtering
  • F-USA Gen1-3: Reduced draft and lift increment from the radiator and brake setting for oval variant; Adjusted short oval tire wear rate
  • Corvette C3.R: Adjusted front brake torque
  • Further reduced AI rate of urgent lateral movement
  • AI calibration pass for Vintage TC1 and 2, F-Retro Gen2 and 3 Caterhams, and F-Ultimate Gen2
  • Further corrections to AI behavior and performance in karting classes
  • Further adjustments to AI performance degradation with tire wear
  • Calibration pass for AI wet weather performance for all classes
  • Fixed Lancer Cup AI drivers missing driver names
  • Wall reflections: Reduced when close to wall, slightly less steep dropoff when moving away from walls. Fixed low volume and omnidirectional wall reflections after going back to the main menu and loading the next track/car combo
  • Spa 2022: Adjustments and fixes to wet weather properties
  • Track Cameras: Added VIR VR cams for all layouts.
  • Ginetta G40 Cup/GT5: Added damaged and dangling parts; Revised collisions
  • BMW M1: Corrected oil and water gauges

Automobilista 2 Hotfix v1.4.1.3 is available on PC.

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