Atomic Heart "Combat: Trailer Unveiled, Release Window Set for Late 2022

Will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.
A new 'Combat' trailer for Atomic Heart has dropped, showing off almost four minutes of new gameplay footage.
A new 'Combat' trailer for Atomic Heart has dropped, showing off almost four minutes of new gameplay footage. Mundfish

Publisher and developer Mundfish released a brand-new "Combat" trailer for Atomic Heart, the retro-futuristic early Soviet-union-inspired first-person shooter set to arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam sometime in (as the developer notes) “########ber 2022.” Atomic Heart will also be available on the same release date for the Xbox Game Pass service. This new trailer, as the title implies, shows off almost four minutes of gameplay featuring the game’s many combat mechanics. Check out the new trailer for Atomic Heart below.

As shown in the trailer, Atomic Heart seems to take a lot of inspiration from other dystopian first-person shooters like the Fallout series. The gameplay looks incredibly explosive as well, with the protagonist having access to a massive array of weaponry, both conventional and non-conventional.

Atomic Heart is a retro-futuristic first-person shooter inspired by the era of the Soviet Union in the 1950s; for some context, Mundfish, the game’s developer, is based in Russia. The game follows an alternate look at the era, where a ton of advancements in robotics and other technologies were developed during World War II. Such advancements lead to the USSR defeating Nazi Germany as early as 1941, though it resulted in a much more severe loss of life. These developments ultimately lead to the automation of much of the Soviet labor, leading to a sort of proto-internet called “Collectiv 1.0.” This system links various robots, increasing productivity across the board and further advances the sciences by the end of the 1940s.

The player takes on the role of a mentally unstable KGB special agent called P-3. In 1955, a scientist named Dmitriy Sechenov will unveil the latest iteration of the “Collectiv.” Concurrently, P-3 is then tasked with investigating a robot manufacturing facility that has fallen off the grid, only to find rogue machines and strange bioengineering experiments.

Mundfish also describes Atomic Heart as having distinct elements lifted from the Souls -like games. The developer may be referring that the game features action RPG mechanics and a wide variety of both weapons and special powers to uncover.

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