Astroneer Update EXO F.A.R.M. Event, Bug Fixes, and More


Astroneer recently received an update that fixed tons of bugs and added the EXO F.A.R.M. event. The main objective of this event is to find wild Sturdysquash. It can be harvested for their seeds on Sylva, Calidor, or Atrox. The rarity will determine the number of seeds that can be harvested. More details about the event can be found here.

The developers have removed the tutorial from the game and it can no longer be accessed from the main menu. The trophy “EXO Dynamics Training Seal of Approval,” which was supposed to be acquired after completing the tutorial, will now be awarded after the “Printing Up” mission.

Astroneer Update

  • Fixed a bug where the title for the “Well, That’s Weird” mission was not staying properly contained in its box within the mission log
  • Added toast notifications when emotes are unlocked!
  • Updated some of the colors in the unlock text and background in the Catalog to make it more readable
  • Fixed a bug where the hoverboard would sometimes appear rotated for clients
  • Fixed a bug where clients would not see another client’s hoverboard after leaving relevance and returning
  • Fixed an issue where clients sometimes get transported to the Sylva core when landing on a planet
  • Fixed a bug where a mission objective was partially appearing in German when language is set to Dutch
  • Fixed an issue where a mission objective had a resource incorrectly translated in Simplified Chinese
  • Fixed a bug that caused the description for the “Through the Looking Glass” mission to not be translated in several languages
  • Fixed a bug where terrain in the Thawed Biome on Glacio was sometimes appearing in the wrong color shade
  • Fixed an issue where the print preview for the Large Resource Canister was out of sync with the actual print job
  • Fixed a bug where scrap could be removed from the Trade Platform via auto arm while the rocket was being launched
  • Hissbines should now respect the “Invisible to hazards” setting in Creative mode
  • Updated Laterite and Quartz entries in Astropedia to clarify that they are found in caves
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in a save provided to us by a player when they were approaching a gateway. The crash will no longer occur and the save should now be usable again.
  • Fixed a bug where the “EXO Dynamics Solar System Mastery” Trophy had a typo in the title

You can read more about the update here.

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