Aston Martin Valhalla Joins the Fight in Rocket League

Shaken not stirred.
Shaken not stirred. Psyonix

James Bond is making a return to Rocket League and it’s with the Aston Martin Valhalla supercar. There’s no need to wait since it’s arriving today, and is available for 1,100 Credits.

Considered as a marvel of British engineering, 007's Aston Martin Valhalla shows a sophisticated design that has a mid-engined 950PS gasoline/battery-electric powertrain. This makes it the first-ever hybrid vehicle to be part of the game. The supercar has a Dominus Hitbox with a Reel Life decal that’s specific to 007’s Aston Martin Valhalla. It also has a unique Engine Audio plus its very own signature wheels.

You can watch the trailer of this supercar below:

To celebrate the return of James Bond to the game, there are three in-game Challenges with each one having its own 007-themed reward. These are:

  • 007’s Aston Martin DB5 Player Banner
  • Agent 007 Avatar Border
  • “00 Agent” Player Title

As mentioned, this is not the first time Bond has visited the game. Rocket League had previously introduced 007’s Aston Martin DB5. The good news is for those who failed to get it before, it’s going to be available at the Item Shop. It’s part of the Bond 007 Collection which has both cars along with additional items, all for 2,000 Credits.

Patch v2.05

Early this week, Patch v2.05 went live in Rocket League. The new content it introduced was the esports team decals. It also comes with “Home Kit” decals that were made by the teams themselves. You can read more about that here.

There’s also a new preset creation where when selecting “Create New Preset,” it now duplicates the active preset into the new preset slot.

Bug fixes that arrived with this new update are:

  • [PlayStation 5] Fixed a resolution issue causing gameplay to appear blurry for some players.
  • Fixed a bug causing FPS settings to change on their own.
  • Bot difficulty changes to the player’s selection when playing offline.
  • Fixed appearance of Painted Vector Decals.
  • Fixed appearance of Twinzer Car Body when using certain Decals.
  • Fixed an inventory bug when sorting by Series.
  • Fixed a scrolling bug when viewing large inventories.

Released in 2015, Rocket League is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game became free-to-play in September 2020.

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