The Ascent: Patch 4 Improves Overall Performance, Game Stability

The Ascent
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If you are playing The Ascent, there is a new update available that you can download right now. Patch 4 improves overall game performance and stability, but more importantly, there are new shirts and weapon skins up for grabs.

New In-game Cosmetics

There are two new shirt skins and 10 new weapon skins introduced in the latest update. Some are already available by default while others can be found as loot from enemy drops or breakable crates.

Here is a brief list of the new cosmetics that you can get:


Shirt Skin
  • Greentooth
Weapon Skins
  • Greeny
  • Junkyard
  • Dark Tech


Shirt Skin
  • Feed
Weapon Skins
  • Bubbles
  • Dots 01
  • Gold
  • Leo
  • Pink
  • Old Silver
  • Old Faithful

Update Changelog

Patch 4 brings a lot of improvements to the game. Those who are playing on PC may no longer experience slow loading times when entering new areas in online co-op.

Additionally, overall game stability is expected to be better. For instance, the problem where the game would crash for the Host when loading a large area of the game has been resolved.

Here are the complete patch notes:


  • Fixed some instances of slow loading for Client Players when entering new areas in Online Coop


  • Fixed some minor UI issues


  • Improved the stability when changing Xbox profiles during Online Coop games
  • Resolved an issue where there could be an indefinite load when four consoles are joining an Online Coop game
  • Fixed a rare soft-lock issue when taking the Central Shaft elevator
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in local Coop if the 2nd Player joins and leaves a lobby before selecting a profile
  • Fixed some instances where the game could crash for the Host when loading large areas of the game
  • Fixed a rare crash to the Xbox home screen during “Mutual Dependencies” (Mission 2) when in the ‘No Mans Land’ area
  • Fixed numerous disconnection related issues


  • Fixed an issue where some Xbox live online sessions were not closed properly and that could cause loss of progression


  • Fixed some invite issues that could occur in Online Coop where some Players were unable to join


  • Fixed a bug where new augmentations were not being automatically equipped for the second Player


  • Fixed an issue experienced by some Xbox Players where cut-scene audio was of low quality when reaching Pinnacle Tier during “Syntax Error” (Mission 8)


  • Lots of translation fixes across all non-English languages
  • Please note more fixes and improvements will come in future updates


  • Minor collision fixes

The developers are actively investigating the issues about in-game achievements introduced in the last patch, and they are likely to implement some fixes in the next update.

The Ascent Patch 4 is now available on Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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