The Ascent: October 8 Patch Changes Side Mission Availability

The Ascent October 8 Patch
The Ascent October 8 Patch Steam

Developer Neon Giant has released another update for The Ascent that incorporated changes to side mission availability. This update was launched shortly after Patch 3 was deployed. The developers said they are working on a new hotfix which hopefully will resolve the issue with in-game achievements. This hotfix will be deployed as soon as possible.

Anyway, they have made some game-wide changes to side mission availability wherein all side missions that you can get from here on out are only those you can complete. This is a necessary change to prevent access to certain locations that you haven’t unlocked yet.

The Dealbreaker is a unique gun popular in the community. That said, the devs have made some adjustments to it, making it on par with the other shotguns in the game. Here are the changes:

  • Knockback decreased from 150 to 110
  • Close range damage decreased from 90 to 30 (all shotguns are around 30)
  • Reload time increased from 4 to 7 seconds
  • Clip size decreased from 200 to 150

In addition, the Minor Note sidearm has received a small buff. It now has piercing shots that can knock enemies back and stun them.

Other changes include the improved co-op play and new loading screens so that you will know that you are actively joining a game. Furthermore, loading times are faster now when starting a co-op session.

Patch Highlights

  • Fixed an issue where resetting Skill Points did not update visuals
  • Resolved an issue where a downed Player being revived as a cut-scene was being played could cause a progression blocker
  • Fixed an issue where AI would sometimes stop going aggro against the Player
  • Loading screens have been added for Players hot-joining to clearly communicate the status of joining a game in progress
  • Fixed numerous issues with dual elevators in Local Coop
  • Improved loading speeds for starting a Coop session
  • Fixed a number of Coop related crashes
  • Fixed numerous issues with network disconnections
  • Fixed some instances where background music could be missing from the Main Menu
  • Fixed an instance where music wasn’t playing correctly during end-game Credits
  • Fixed issue where fog would be incorrect if approaching from a certain direction in AGHQ
  • Fixed an issue with Augmentation visuals on female characters
  • Lots of assorted and minor collision issues
  • Fixed a number of potential collision issues on elevators during Coop

The Ascent October 8 Patch is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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