Artifact Beta 2.0 October 1 Update Brings New Cards, Balancing Changes, And Bug Fixes

Changes are here.
Changes are here. Valve

Artifact, the revived card game by Valve, is in much better shape now. Artifact Beta 2.0 has received dozens of patches these last few months. The latest one of them was released yesterday. The October 1 update is mainly focused on balancing changes, some minor bugs were solved, and several cards were added.

The cost of Untested Grunt and Red Mist Pillager is reduced by one point, whereas the cost of No Hesitation and Infernal Ally has increased by one point. Team Fight now works as intended and minor typos from Plague Hex are also fixed.

Below we have mentioned the highlights of the update. You can read the complete patch notes from the official Artifact site. The website also mention all the new cards that have been added.

Artifact Beta 2.0 Update October 1 Patch Notes


  • Added wording on A Thousand Cuts to specify that the unit damages itself to clarify the interaction with heroes like Venomancer.
  • Fixed wording on Silver Edge that said it disabled passive abilities when in fact it disables native abilities.
  • Fixed a typo in Plague Hex.
  • Removed some unnecessary words in Mjollnir's text.
  • Removed built-in "STARTER" decks from the deck loader. They were from a world where you gradually unlock cards for constructed. Replaced them with "PLAYTEST" decks -- decks built to playtest recent changes.

Bug fixes

  • Team Fight works now.


  • Untested Grunt mana cost reduced 2 > 1.
  • Stonehall Elite health increased 2 > 3.
  • Red Mist Pillager cost reduced 5 > 4.
  • Wingfall hammer Attack and Regeneration increased 3 > 4.
  • Infernal Ally cost increased 2 > 3.
  • Phantom Lancer health increased 3 > 4.
  • Astral Imprisonment cost reduced 4 > 2.
  • Ring of Basilius now also gives your creeps -1 Bounty.
  • Vanguard Health and Regeneration increased 3 > 4, Armor reduced 5 > 4.
  • No Hesitation cost increased 2 > 3.
  • Kanna now triggers before your turn, rather than immediately when creeps are played.
  • Golden Ticket deleted.
  • Greevil Egg has returned.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Artifact Beta 2.0 recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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