Aron's Adventure Update 3: Difficulty Changes, Bug Fixes, and More

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Aron's Adventure recently received an update that fixed bugs and optimized the game for better performance. The developers are making some changes to the “Challenge” difficulty as most players have requested. Most of these changes won’t really make a huge impact on gameplay, but they will make it slightly easier.

One such change is that Aron can now sprint with the torch-lit on Adventure and Story mode. Although not massive, it lets players run or walk distances with the torch in hand. Additionally, the dodge stamina cost has been reduced from 4 to 3.5 points.

Aron's Adventure Update 3

  • RTX initialization optimizations.
  • Garbage Collection optimizations.
  • RTX GI removed from the settings at the moment.
  • Pause Menu: Significant Save/Load menu improvements for those with a lot of saves. (Maximum save games is now 200)
  • Default open map keybind is now set back to M instead of N
  • Fixed: Ctrl rebind doesn't work.
  • Fixed: A rare bug that'd load the wrong sub-level when restarting the game after reaching an ability dungeon.
  • Fixed: A bug where Aron would be prevented from interacting in specific situations.
  • Fixed: An animation bug that could mess with the walk animations.
  • Fixed: A bug where grabbing your torch as you're equipping your weapon would bug the camera.
  • Fixed: A bug where the ground slam radius would show the wrong progression in the skill tree.
  • Improved Quest location Edge indicators.
  • Fixed: Removed green box when dragging your mouse over the map.
  • Fixed: Phanne’s dialogue
  • Fixed: Forward (W) in photomode.
  • Fixed: Horse now walks closer to you when you summon it.
  • Fixed: Minor save menu bug.
  • Fixed: Inventory potion slots bug.
  • Added Controller binds info to some missing tutorial messages.
  • Fixed skybox d3 not unloading.
  • Witch fight: Made sure she travels to the bones after killing all undead
  • Crawin Face texture fix
  • Key 2 and 3 freed up.
  • Update keybinds after rebinding doesn't work.
  • Fixed a bug that could hide your mouse after having crafted and going into the pause menu.
  • Fixed arrow loot UI.
  • Fixed audio for Footsteps post-death.
  • Fixed a bug that stops the tutorial screen from updating.
  • Fixed a bug where Aron's walk animation would get interrupted with sprinting.
  • Fixed a rare instance fixed for Aron skeletal mesh ghosting.
  • No input prompts for controller when scanning
  • Can get stuck in secondary input mode fixed
  • Dialogue control improvements.
  • Targeting fixes.
  • Input fixes.

You can read more about the update here.

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