Ark: Survival Evolved Legacy Swipe Coming Next Month

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A Legacy Server wipe is coming to the game next month.
A Legacy Server wipe is coming to the game next month. Studio Wildcard

Developer Studio Wildcard just announced its decision to perform another round of server wipes for Ark: Survival Evolved, and it is slated for next month. The studio also talked about a variety of issues players have been reporting about the game.

In an official Community Crunch blog post, Studio Wildcard said that servers with a low number of players (i.e. with a 0-4 concurrent population) will be brought down come Tuesday, June 11. The decision to do so is based on the server’s player sustainability and the game mode’s popularity. Other servers will remain within the title’s Legacy network. As of press time, the developer has yet to reveal a list of affected servers, although they are bound to unveil this sooner or later.

Studio Wildcard assured players that their saved files will be made available, but the company did not provide a certain date for the availability. PC files will reportedly be hosted by the studio itself. As for saves on both PS4 and Xbox One, Nitrado will be responsible for the task.

The studio also responded to multiple issues that players brought to light. Studio Wildcard's lead community manager, Ced, addressed these over on Twitter. Ced said that a fix for the current Gasbag issue in PVE is under development and will soon find its way to the game. The bug has somehow removed items players obtained from ORP (offline raid production) bases. Unfortunately, a definite date as to when the bug will be fixed remains a mystery.

The developers will also be investigating the issue that has meshed all FOBs (forward operating bases) following the latest patch. The community manager said that the update was not really designed to fix meshing, but he confirmed that “the ban hammer” is slated to arrive. On the other hand, the patch was able to fix the Enforcer exploit and provide some tweaks within the Ark: Survival Evolved's metrics.

ARK: Survival Evolved
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