Arena of Valor: Beta 35 Hotfix Implements Hero and Battlefield Changes

Arena of Valor Beta 35 Hotfix
Arena of Valor Beta 35 Hotfix Twitter/@ArenaofValor

A new update for Arena of Valor is now available. Beta 35 Hotfix implements hero adjustments to Lumburr, Lorion, Zanis, Thorne, and Chaugnar. The update also implements some battlefield changes.

After the developers changed his second skill, Rampage, Lumburr has gotten better in terms of mobility. For that reason, the developers have reduced his base movement speed slightly to 370.

A great early game performer, Lorion’s ability to rush into a pack of enemies without fear is something that has to change. His passive ability, Eternal, creates a Dark Orb that shocks nearby enemies when two of his skills (Darkness Falls and Starry Night) hit the enemy. That said, the damage dealt by each shock is reduced to 155 + 22 per level + 0.35 ability power.

This update doesn’t just implement nerfs, as Zanis has gotten some much-needed buffs. Because of his overreliance on his ultimate, the developers have buffed some of his skills. His Tail Sweep, for example, has its base damage increased to 200 + 35 per level + 0.8 attack damage and its life steal effect improved to 20% + 2% per level.


  • Protect (Passive)
    • Armor and Magic Defense Bonus reduced to (60 +10 per level) Armor and (40 +8 per level) Magic Defense
  • Blood Wyrm
    • Base damage increased to 250 + 30 per level
  • Magical Bullets
    • Removed the effect that increases speed
  • Shockwave
    • Mana cost reduced to 30
  • Iron Defense Line
    • Iron Defense Line now disappears after 4 minutes (from 5 minutes)
    • The Ballista now appears in Wave 8
  • Sudden Death Prevention Mechanic
    • Tower 2’s speed reduction has been lowered to 60% for 10 seconds
  • Infinite Slayer
    • Base attack reduced to 900
    • Base HP reduced to 70,000
  • Fixed a bug that caused Zip's Skill 2 (Zip Angry!) to suck the creatures summoned by the Infinite Slayer into his belly
  • Optimized the display of information in Player Info: Restored the display of Conqueror on the main page, and restored the display of the number of heroes or skins collected on the model display page
  • Fixed an issue that caused some quests to not appear in the Daily Quests and Challenge Quests from the Codex

Arena of Valor Beta 35 Hotfix is available on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

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