Apex Legends Is Making Good Money For EA, Popularity Increases After Steam Launch

Apex Legends
Apex Legends EA

Apex Legends is one more profitable IP that EA can add to its list. The innovative Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment has proven to be quite the money maker. EA recently released its financial report of Q2 2021 where they talked about their profits from several games and their next projections.

Apex Legends profits were up by 24 percent from last year, and the game is expected to reach the $500 million mark. Apex Legends is also free-to-play, hence, it was able to attract a massive player base without any issues.

“We started the year expecting Apex Legends to deliver $300 million to $400 million in net bookings. It is now on track to deliver more than $500 million,” Blake Jorgensen, EA Chief Financial Officer said in an investor conference call. “That is, Apex will have gone from zero to about a billion dollars in lifetime net books in just two years. With this velocity, and the addition of mobile, we believe Apex has the potential to grow to a billion dollars in net bookings every year.”

The popularity of Apex Legends has been slowly dwindling these past few seasons. However, the game’s recent launch on Steam has drastically increased performance. The paid version, also known as the Champion Edition, was among the top-three bestsellers on Steam for a while.

Apex Legends is now the sixth most popular game on Steam by Current players, with peak players numbers reaching as high as 82,000.

“Steam in the first 12 hours, performance has been extremely strong. Our new Champion Edition is already a top-three bestseller on Steam. We had the most minutes watched on Twitch since the launch of the product," CEO Andrew Wilson said. "So it's another testament to the unbelievable inspirational capabilities of our teams and their ability to continue to deliver amazing game experiences and content in the face of these ongoing challenges.”

So what do you think? Have you played Apex Legends yet? Will you download the game if you haven’t already now that it is on Steam? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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