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With Apex Legends' September Soiree event coming to a close, Respawn Entertainment has brought back a new fan-favorite limited-time mode called Live Die Live to conclude the Soiree with a blast. The September Soiree saw the return of other popular LTM modes as well, including Armed and Dangerous, DUMMIEs big day, King's Canyon after Dark, and now Live Die Live.

The Live Die Live mode was first introduced in January, featuring constant respawns as long as one of a team's members is still alive. Players aren't required to grab their teammates' banners or even head to a respawn beacon to bring back their teammates. As soon as one of the teammates get killed, they'll shortly drop on the battlefield as long as another teammate is alive. Live Die Live mode is currently live, and it will be available until October 6, concluding the September Soiree event.

The other three limited-time modes in the September Soiree included:

  • Armed and Dangerous: a mode which features only shotguns and snipers
  • DUMMIEs Big Day: a mode where all legends are replaced by training dummies that feature special tactical and ultimate abilities.
  • King's Canyon after Dark: a regular BR match on King's Canyon, but during nighttime.

In previous seasons, Respawn has introduced at least one new limited-time mode to the game, but this time around, the developer decided to bring back older modes. Respawn has tried tweaking with the already existing limited-time modes by introduced EVO armor and giving players a starting weapon as soon as they drop on the battlefield.

On a similar note, Apex Legends Season 6 has been quite successful among fans. Although the Season had a rocky launch, plagued with bugs and glitches, most of these have now been fixed. Players also seem to be enjoying the new Legend Rampart, who has proven to defend a specific location quite effectively.

Apex Legends September Soiree event concludes on October 6.

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