Apex Legends Bug Seemingly Gives Octane Infinite Stims

Octane AlphaCoders

Apex Legends' season 6 seems to be still struggling with bugs. The season itself launched with a Rampart-related bug, enabling the legend to shoot through Gibraltar's dome shield while using her minigun. Although the bug has now been fixed, a new Octane-related bug has come to the surface.

The new bug discovered in the Apex Legends community showcases the adrenaline junkie Octane's stim being stuck into his chest upon using his stim ability. While being stuck in the glitch, players will have complete access to their weapons, heals, items, and abilities. Although the bug doesn't necessarily break the game or give Octane supersonic speed, it still needs to be addressed.

Octane also had a double jump bug after the legend received a buff to his jump pad in Season 5, which was also fixed pretty quickly. However, season 6's new legend, Rampart, has currently become the center of most bugs and glitches in the game. A recently discovered Rampart-related bug prevents Crypto's drone from highlighting enemies while they are mounted on the minigun.

Bugs and glitches in season 6 aren't just limited to legends. Earlier, when the season started some players reported that heirloom melee items were needing more hits than required to destroy Rampart's amp shields. While the amp shield only takes two normal melee hits to go down, 14 hits were required with heirloom weapons to destroy one cover.

Despite all the bugs and glitches in the game, Apex Legends fans continue to enjoy the season. The game has recently seen many improvements, including the reverting of Evo shields to pre-season 6 stats.

Today, a new limited-time mode called September Soiree also kicked off in Apex Legends. The mode brings back fan-favorite events from the Grand Soiree along with the return of exclusive Grand Soiree cosmetics. The event will have a rotating playlist, featuring new modes every week. The final mode will begin on September 29, signalling the final week of the event.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is also coming to Nintendo Switch this fall.

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