Apex Legends: Hunted Update: Details on New Legend Vantage and Kings Canyon Rework

New Legend: Vantage
New Legend: Vantage EA

Apex Legends: Hunted Update launches later today. This patch introduces a new legend named Vantage and a massive rework of the fan-favorite map, Kings Canyon.

New Legend

Vantage is the latest legend to join the Apex Legends roster. She specializes in long-range combat, thanks to her trusty sniper rifle.

Her passive ability, Spotter’s Lens, allows Vantage to see where the shots would land when aiming down sights. Sniper mains will surely love this!

For her tactical ability, Echo Location, Vantage uses her winged companion Echo to change positions. She can command Echo to go to a strategic location, and Vantage will launch toward it. It is important to note that Vantage must have a line of sight to Echo for this to work.

Sniper’s Mark is Vantage’s ultimate ability. When used, Vantage uses her custom rifle to mark enemy targets. Marked enemies gain additional damage from Vantage and her allies.

Kings Canyon Rework

Those who have played Apex Legends before can feel that Kings Canyon got smaller and smaller as the game evolved. To address this, the developers will release a new POI on the said map called Relic in the Hunted Update. This POI features an iconic skull at the center and plenty of ground to cover - giving players a lot of time to engage in team fights without being interrupted by a third party.

New POI: Relic
New POI: Relic EA

Other points of interest in Kings Canyon received some notable changes as well. In the Cage, for example, the devs felt that defensibility was too high for this particular structure, meaning that fights would last longer than they should. To resolve fights quicker, they’ve decided to simplify the top of the structure by removing the metallic walls in favor of more open space. The top of the cage would still be a power position for most players, but the changes made will put additional pressure on the dominant squad.

Cage (Before)
Cage (Before) EA
Cage (After)
Cage (After) EA

Here are the other changes that players can expect in Kings Canyon:

  • Added a new raised walkway to help players rotate between Destroyed Bridges and River Center.
  • Added two sets of stairs and two ziplines to help non-movement Legends access the walls at Repulsor.
  • Added one vertical zipline to help non-movement Legends access the wall at Artillery.
  • Added two vertical ziplines to help players access the walkways at Swamps.
  • Added a new explosive hold at Swamps.
  • Removed a number of trees in the Forest to improve visibility.
  • Removed two of the three Charge Towers at Capacitor.
  • Removed five Jump Towers in areas that would benefit from slower rotations.
  • Fixed many bugs and bad end circles.

Apex Legends: Hunted Update is expected to go live at 1 p.m. EST.

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