Apex Legends Emergence Gameplay Trailer Reveals Decimated World’s Edge

Decimated World's Edge
Decimated World's Edge EA

Apex Legends is a big success for EA. The fact that the game will soon be on Season 10 is proof of that. The developer, Respawn Entertainment, just released the gameplay trailer for Season 10: Emergence. It showed tons of things, from new skins to Seer’s abilities. We also saw the new version of World’s Edge and the new Rampage gun in action. You can watch the trailer below for yourself.


The biggest highlight of the new season is no one else but Seer. The new legend has abilities that are similar to both Bloodhound and Crypto. He can use his mini-drones to both track his opponents and destroy their gadgets via an EMP attack. The trailer showed this off in action when Valkyrie couldn’t use her jetpack anymore. Only time will tell if the new legend is too OP or not.


The second biggest change that Emergence is making is the reworked World’s Edge. The new season will bring a Decimated World’s Edge. Several known and loved areas are gone or reworked, including the fan-favorite Train Yard. You can also traverse the map using Gondolas. Check out all the major changes coming to the map on the official site.

Ranked Playlist

Speaking of maps, this season Olympus will be out of the map pool, at least for the Ranked playlist. The first split will feature the new World’s Edge, and the second split will take us back to Kings Canyon. The split will occur on September 21.

Rampage LMG

The trailer revealed the new LMG in action as well. Now it’s confirmed that Rampage can use Thermite Grenade as ammo. It will also be the first gun that can destroy doors. So, if any fool tries to lock you out, just press left-click and let Rampage do the talking.

Feel free to check out the launch trailer and Stories of the Outlander trailer. Emergence goes live on all platforms on August 3.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Apex Legends Emergence? Will you play the new season or are you more interested in other battle royale games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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