Apex Legends: Community Got a Problem with No-Fill Option

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Apex Legends is one of the best first-person shooters today, and as such, the game attracted different kinds of people. Apparently, the community seems to have a problem with the game’s “No-Fill” option because not many are using it when they should.

Winning in a competitive game like Apex Legends requires some level of skill. While some are already well-versed just by picking up their favorite characters, others would require more practice.

That said, some people would go to public games (also known as pubs) to practice and there is an option called No-Fill where players can go in solo without having the need to party up with others. This setting is available as a checkbox before each match.

Conversely, the “Fill Matchmaking” option is the opposite, and enabling it will tell the matchmaking system to help players find a party.

The No-Fill option is there so that those who do not have the intention of playing seriously will not be paired up with those who do.

However, in most cases, those who play in pubs usually do not enable it. This is bad, especially for the teammates who are left behind when another person “throws” a game or leaves abruptly for whatever reason.

Community Divide

Brenden “Inhuman” Thomas Hammond, an American-Canadian player and Apex Legends streamer, recently expressed his opinion about people leaving a match early or “throwing” a game.

He said that he actively supports people who “hotdrops” in games if the intention is to know how to play and learn the mechanics. The problem that people have with this statement is that he is ok with the idea of whether a player who throws the game checks the No-Fill option.

For those who do not know, Hot Dropping is a term used in battle royale games where players would jump off of the spawn vehicle and directly go into a highly contested part of the map.

After posting it, a lot of people are not happy with his statement. That is mostly because throwing games or playing in a squad without the intention of winning puts others in the team at a disadvantage.

One user states that players must tick the No-Fill option in every match, which is likely the reason why most people do not bother with it in the first place. If this is the case, the devs should look into adding an option to enable this by default for the sake of convenience.

What is your take on this? Should casual players always enable No-Fill or does this not bother you at all?

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