Anomalous: AI Improved Significantly in Update 0.5.4

Update 0.5.4
Update 0.5.4 Steam

Anomalous is a hyper FPS title inspired by the shooter games in the 90s. The game is set in an industrial city called Kosolov, where scientists are trying to create the ultimate controllable and mindless workforce by reviving the dead and setting them back to work. However, due to unforeseen consequences, all scientific experiments resulted in a catastrophic disaster, turning dead people into zombies and other monstrosities. Your mission is to do whatever it takes to get out of the infested city.

The game received a new patch recently that brought a lot of interesting improvements. The AI in Anomalous is improved significantly thanks to Update 0.5.4. One of the more important changes made to the AI is that all enemies will now use circle strafe tactics occasionally. This means that they will sometimes move around you in a circle, providing a more challenging experience. Make sure to improve your aim as you’ll no longer be facing stationary targets. As if that wasn’t enough, fast zombies are now more agile and will jump around more often too.

Character models also received some enhancements in Update 0.5.4. Those that throw fireballs at you, including the two-armed laser shooters, have been changed to a “Stub” - a Kosolov Industrial science division atrocity.

Improved Character Models
Improved Character Models Steam
Improved Character Models
Improved Character Models Steam

Here are some of the other things implemented in Update 0.5.4:

  • Stub characters have the ability to jump to set locations for quicker access to players or to get away from gunfights. They can also do both melee and projectile attacks.
  • Crawlers have a pouncing ability when near players.
  • Enemies that throw projectiles with an arc have had the physics reworked to prevent the varying speeds that was caused ( short throws were slower speed, long throws were faster speeds)
  • New set of animations for Stalker character
  • New set of animations for zombies
  • New Grenade Launcher animations
  • New Rocket launcher animations
  • New Crossbow animations
  • New Machine Gun animations
  • New Pistol animations
  • New Super shotgun animations
  • Capsule/Hitbox of Stalker increased in size
  • Crawlers now have ragdoll physics
  • Grenade Launcher fire rate slowed down
  • Self-damage adjusted
  • Shotgun and Super shotgun use a spread pattern rather than random directional offsets
  • Zombie stagger animations cut to 2 seconds. Fixed idle-ness after staggering
  • No walking anymore. Only running. Who even walks?
  • Enemy soldier animations are now playing when firing weapons.
  • Projectiles with AOE have had logic reworked. AOE is wider with no damage falloff currently.
  • Enemy soldier weapons hide in death. Can confuse players as they look like pickups.

Anomalous Update 0.5.4 is available on PC.

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