Animal Crossing: New Horizons Celebrating Super Mario Bros. 35th Birthday with Some Goodies

Join in on the celebration.
Join in on the celebration. Nintendo

Super Mario Bros. is celebrating its 35th anniversary though this isn’t about that game. This is about Animal Crossing: New Horizons and how it’s commemorating that milestone.

What’s going to happen is that a free update is arriving on February 25. Once players download that update, all they need to do is wait for March 1 when Super Mario Bros. themed items become available at the Nook Shopping. The items are offered to all players, whether they’re from the Northern or Southern hemispheres.

Warp Pipe

There’s no question that a lot of different items are sure to tickle the fancy of the players. An item that everyone can look forward to is the Warp Pipe. Like with the Super Mario Bros. version, this one lets players warp from one island to another.

To make this happen, players need to have at least two Warp Pipes placed on their island. Having more than two Warp Pipes will result in the warp location being randomly chosen. For it to work properly, players must ensure that there’s enough landing space around the Warp Pipe.

New Seasonal Items

Once players download the February 25 update, they’ll be able to order some in-game items, which are inspired by different seasonal events and customs.

There are different items available in time for the Hinamatsuri festival, which is on March 3. For the period February 25 to March 3, hinaningyo (doll) and blossom lantern are available for players to order. There’s also one item from the series offered each day.

Another event is Pi Day set on March 14 or 3/14. Get it? it refers to Pi which begins in .314. From March 1 to March 14, players can order in-game Pi day items.

Shamrock Day is another event players can look forward to, scheduled on March 17. From March 10 to March 17, these items become available: shamrock soda, shamrock doorplate, and shamrock rug. One item is offered from the series per day but the selection changes daily.

Shamrock Day-themed fashion items are offered as well at the Able Sisters during the same period.

Update Gift

Players who download the update also get the Mushroom Mural as a thank you gift. Hopefully, this should be enough while waiting for the themed items to arrive.

My Nintendo Missions

A mission is available for players to complete by simply going to the official Nintendo island in the game. This event starts March 10 at 12:00 a.m. ET until March 24 at 10:59 a.m. ET.

Get to learn more about My Nintendo Missions here.

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