See What Events Animal Crossing: New Horizons Have Planned

See what events you can join.
See what events you can join. Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons announced that it has three major events planned until June, and one of them would last for an entire month. Today, we take a look at what these have to offer players.

The first is May Day which starts tomorrow, April 29. Players can get and then use the May Day Ticket to go around an island. However, the tickets can only be used once so be sure to plan well. This event ends May 7.

So what are the two other planned events? The second one is International Museum Day which begins May 18 and lasts all the way to May 31. To celebrate this particular event, there’s a Stamp Rally that players can attend. Players simply need to talk to Blathers and get a special stamp card. Once they get that, they simply enjoy looking at the different museum exhibits.

When June arrives, it means Wedding Season. Those familiar with the game may already have to meet Reese and Cyrus. Did you know that they were married in June? Well, they made it a tradition to take their wedding photos every June on Harvey’s Island. Players just need to meet with the couple and take those adorable photos. This event is from June 1 to June 30.

Speaking of June, there are also wedding season-themed furniture and fashion items offered in Nook Shopping and Able Sisters. Be sure to take the time to look over them before they get rotated out.

The Nook Shopping is offering new seasonal items during May and June as well.

Player Reaction

The events arrive courtesy of an update. According to a report, it seems most players aren’t happy with this new update and some of the previous ones.

Many in the community continue to be disheartened with how Nintendo fails to recognize what players have been requesting. For example, players are still only able to craft one item at a time. Another is the length of time needed to meet up with friends online. There is also the way some tools break down without even any warning.

What about you? Are you happy with the new update?

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