Anima: Gate Of Memories Launches Arcane Edition for PlayStation 4

It's a two for one deal.
It's a two for one deal. Anima Project

Anima: Gate of Memories announced that it launched the Arcane Edition for PlayStation 4. This Collector’s Edition not only offers Gate of Memories but also comes with The Nameless Chronicles. That’s not all as it also includes an art book plus the soundtrack of both games in CD format.

The games are mainly based on the Anima franchise, a tabletop RPG. The game is set in a world known as Gaia and inspired by video games like Suikoden and Final Fantasy. Anima offers Eastern concepts of honor codes, mysticism, and martial arts, and combines them with Western elements like magic and medieval weapons.

A Girl and a Monster

In Anima: Gate of Memories, players get to experience the story of a young girl with no past, yet accompanied by a legendary monster. These two have been united by an unintentional pact as they discover that not only are they involved in something clearly sinister, but also actually have a significant role to play.

In the game, the choices and actions of players can influence how the journey of the two turns out and their fate. Because of the Dual System, players get to control the two characters. They can even swap between the two in the middle of the battle, which allows some interesting and countless combat combinations.

The Nameless One

Meanwhile, Anima: The Nameless Chronicles focuses on, well, a man without a name. The Nameless is an immortal being that has been cursed to travel the world for eternity. However, on his travels, he not only encounters a shadow of his past but gets drawn to a conflict with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. The game has a different system called the Hand of Thanathos. This allows The Nameless to improve his attacks by becoming temporarily one with Death.

Regardless of what game you play, both offer a huge world for players to explore freely. Players can both visit different locations and retrace their steps to revisit explored areas. Players can even discover new secrets while unlocking access to previously inaccessible areas.

Isn’t the Collector’s Edition a good deal? What are your thoughts?

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