AndaSeat Partners with Disney for Marvel Gaming Chairs

Time for some hero action.
Time for some hero action. AndaSeat

AndaSeat announced its recent partnership with Disney to release Marvel-themed gaming chairs. The first set of gaming chairs focus on four characters: Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Ant-Man. Today, we take a quick look at what these four can offer and why gamers should put them on their list.

Captain America

The Captain America 2020 Edition offers ample space in addition to offering excellent customization. It’s made of AD Plus PVC leather with the star logo just below the Avengers “A” logo. The red, white, and blue styling, combined with the shield design on the back, is appealing to the eyes. Making it even more eye-catching are the lumbar pillows and carpet outline.

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Iron Man

The Iron Man 2020 Edition comes with the same level of customization as that of the AndaSeat Jungle series. Like the new 2020 Series, it also offers the same support, comfort, and reliability. Its difference from the Jungle series is being 25% larger and having core mechanisms reinforced twice. The reactor design on the heart of this chair makes you feel as if you’re indeed the heavy metal hero.

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The Spider-Man 2020 Edition is made up of the AD Alpha Linen Fabric. The recognizable elements are featured on the head, front, back, neck pillow, and even carpet. Its unique eye design more than matches the features and style of everyone’s friendly neighborhood hero.

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The Ant-Man 2020 Edition makes good use of the black and red with the hero’s logo in the front and rear of the chair. The same logo is on the detachable head cushion, while the Marvel logo itself has been placed on the lumbar cushion and the top of the chair.

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General Details

All four chairs have been padded with cold-cured and high-density foam to ensure support for the spine, especially during long gaming sessions. It also offers good back support to maintain posture. The chairs also come with AD memory pillows for a more luxurious sitting experience.

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