Among Us: Streamer Mode Added in Latest Update

June 21 Update
June 21 Update Twitter/@AmongUsGame

The latest update for Among Us has implemented new quality-of-life features and bug fixes.

One of the best features added is the Streamer Mode. Streamer Mode in Among Us is essentially a feature that allows you to have your room codes obscured in the lobby. Instead of the actual room code, it is replaced by the words “Click to Copy.” This is quite helpful if you’re streaming the game on Twitch or other similar platforms and you don’t want your viewers to enter your room without permission. If you don’t want to use this feature, it can easily be turned off in the settings.

The developers have enabled account linking in the June 21 Update as well. This allows you to access your cosmetics, beans, stars, and experience in Among Us in one place, regardless of platform. Account linking is available for all platforms except PlayStation and Nintendo.

This update also implements a ton of bug fixes, and you can read some of them below:

  • Loading screen now waits for every player in the lobby when loading into a round
  • Kills can no longer happen when an Emergency Meeting is being called
  • Players can no longer move themselves during the role reveal screen
  • Players in-game should no longer randomly lose the ability to interact with the map, complete tasks, or kills
  • Impostor now shifts correctly when attempting to shapeshift after Emergency Meeting if the meeting was called at the same time
  • Quick Chat wheel can be used as intended while a task (Download Data/Upload Data) is being completed. Players will no longer be forced to close and re-open chat
  • Players should no longer see the "Sure is taking a while" error message when launching Among Us
  • Friend Codes no longer duplicate across all players when player and host rejoin the lobby
  • Players can interact with the Role Settings menu no matter how spammy their clicks are on other settings
  • Airship
    • Players in Vents now appear on Admin
    • Players in the Hall of Portraits now appear on Admin
    • Platform can be interacted with after a crewmate is killed while trying to use it
  • Nicknames now appear on the Impostor start screen
  • No longer seeing layering issues between Pets, Hats, and Visors
  • Players can’t bypass filters for profanity in nicknames by capitalizing letters
  • Spam clicking the chat icon doesn’t stop you from being able to click other icons
  • Controller: Players can now interact with their friends' list after unfriending or unblocking a player
  • PC: Can close chat with the ESC key

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

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