Among Us Launching the Friend’s List Feature This Year

An interesting addition to the game.
An interesting addition to the game. Innersloth

Innersloth finally revealed its plans for Among Us this year, and they're exciting. For instance, the Friend's List feature is finally coming, which is something a lot of players have been asking for.

In essence, this feature allows players to be in contact with Crewmates that they get along with or possibly keep tabs on their greatest enemies. Seriously though, it allows players to be in touch with friends and continue to play games together. This should ensure lifelong friendships despite the "betrayals" in the game.

While the Friend's List feature appears to be the highlight of the year, there are also the usual quality-of-life updates. In a post, the team at Innersloth revealed that they are aware that many players have found some aspects of the game confusing. These include account creation, Cosmicube redemption, and chat choice. The team didn't say if they are solving these issues, though they did confirm that they'll be making improvements to the game's UX.

In addition to what's already mentioned, here are some of the other content arriving in the game this year:

  • Ghostface cosmetics are coming to the game and it's going to be free. More information is to be released soon.
  • Among Us Nendoroids are now available for pre-order, which you can do here.
  • ​A one-shot manga feature in Bessatsu Corocoro magazine in April 2022.

VR Version

Another feature that players can expect is the Among Us VR version. This was revealed during The Game Awards last December. This 3D experience continues to have the core mechanics of teamwork and betrayal that many fans have grown to love. In addition, the VR version continues to support the multiplayer experience. The only drawback is that it won't be compatible with the original game. That means if you decide to buy the VR edition, you can only play with those who have the same version.

Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game released in 2018. It was first made available on Android and iOS devices. After that, a PC version was released and then later ported to the Nintendo Switch. Versions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S were launched last year.

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