AMD Could Unveil The 'Nvidia Killer' GPU At CES 2020


According to rumors, AMD might soon lift the curtains covering its next-gen RDNA 2 Radeon GPUs at CES. A reputable leaker going by the name Wjm47196 stated that AMD will showcase the first preview of the second generation RDNA GPUs, which carry a more refined architecture as compared to the Navi GPUs.

It is also speculated that the RDNA GPUs will give games that support Ray Tracing much-needed hardware acceleration to gain faster frame rates. This again points back to another leak, which stated the a new ‘Nvidia Killer’ GPU based on RDNA 2 architecture might be revealed in mid-2020. The new GPU from AMD could potentially be the RX 5900, which could be released alongside the RX 5800 as per the information gathered from Linux drivers.

There have also been leaked roadmaps that showcase that RDNA 2 GPUs are in development. This also means that there is a possibility for next-gen consoles to be powered by RDNA 2 GPUs. Since the next-gen consoles are going to be equipped with AMD chips, there is no doubt that those consoles will support Ray Tracing.

A recent story from Wccftech also revealed that the next-gen AMD GPUs will be using H2BME video memory instead of GDDR6. This information should only be taken with a grain of salt as there aren’t any other sources talking about this feat by AMD. It is also alleged that a new budget-friendly Navi 10 desktop GPU might be making its way to somewhere where the RX 5700 is currently sitting.

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