All The ‘Rogue One’ Heroes Broken Down By 'Battlefield 1’ Class

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Rogue One does a lot that is new for Star Wars films. The biggest change is that it is structured closer to a classic war movie than to the hero’s journey adventure we’re used to. We have an assembled team of scrappy heros, going on a mission they stand little chance of surviving. Those of you that have seen the film likely left asking the same question I was:

‘What Battlefield class are each of the Rogue One team?’ and ‘How effective is their squad composition?’ If you haven’t seen the movie beware of SPOILERS below:

Jyn Erso - Assault

Jyn is our classic assault troop. She likes to get right in the middle of it when a fight breaks out, uses close to medium range weapons and has a high kill ratio. Through most of the movie, she’ll rush ahead of her team and make the empire hurt. Assault class is the backbone of any effective squad.

Cassian Andor - Recon

Like Recon class, Cassian has the best intel on the mission. He’s also armed with the classic recon weapon - the sniper rifle. There’s an argument that he isn’t the best at playing recon because he fails to use the spot-dad command (remember to always use the spot command). Recon is the hardest class to be good at so maybe he’s just trying it out after playing Assault for awhile. A strong Recon player can make or break a Battlefield squad.

K-2SO - Sentry

K-2SO was a tricky one. Ultimately, I think he is closest to a soldier who has picked up the elite sentry kit. For one thing, he can take a hit and keep fighting, just like the heavily armored Sentry. He also packs a punch, with shots from his gun throwing soldiers across the room. While not part of a typical squad load out, it’s never a bad thing to have a sentry on your side.

Chirrut Îmwe - Assault

The blind wannabe-Jedi is our second Assault trooper. He’s probably closer to the equivalent of a shotgun loadout, where Jyn is a more typical assault rifle loadout. Chirrut is devastating close range, but loses effectiveness as the distance between him and the enemy increases. Many strong squads have two assault and the fact that they have different loadouts only helps.

Baze Malbus - Support

Baze is big, slow, and packs a punch. He uses a somewhat inaccurate machine gun with a huge clip, just like the support class. Baze will do best if he stays outside the fray and lights up any enemies who wander out in the open. Unlike Cassian he plays his class very well in the movie.

Bodhi Rook - Pilot

Bodhi clearly spawned inside of a vehicle because he’s pretty useless compared to the others when on foot. But he has the titular Rogue One to help his team with. Bodhi is the kind of player who refuses to respawn until a cool vehicle appears. As such, he’s somewhat annoying to have in your squad, but the damage he can cause when he gets his choice vehicle is valuable.

How Do They Do?

Their squad makeup is mostly pretty solid. Two Assault to get in the thick of it, a Support to assist, a Recon to get the lay of the land, and a Sentry and Pilot splashed in. Unfortunately, they were all so excited to rack up kills, they forgot the most important class, the Medic. Maybe K-2SO was their medic before he grabbed the sentry kit?

With no Medic, their squad won’t be able to heal or revive. Even a squad of really strong players will get destroyed without a medic doing the thankless task of keeping them fighting. This is why they all spoilers die at the end of the movie end spoilers .

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