Alien: Isolation Developer Is Working On A New IP

Creative Assembly previously worked on the sci-fi horror title Alien: Isolation.
Creative Assembly previously worked on the sci-fi horror title Alien: Isolation. Sega

Video game developer Creative Assembly is currently hard at work on a new title, if the job listings on the company's Careers page are to be believed. The studio, previously responsible for games like the excellent horror outing Alien: Isolation and strategy gem Total War: Warhammer, is on the lookout for several new positions. Spots are open for a Lead Technical Artist, Lead System Designer, and Senior Meta Game Designer.

While there isn't any identifying information listed about what type of game could be in the works, the postings do offer some glimpses into what's coming. The Lead System Designer's job requirements ask potential candidates to create “weapons, movement, abilities, gadgets, health and other underlying gameplay systems."

Similarly, the Senior Meta Game Designer listing asserts that this new IP is going to be "genre-defining," which is just another buzzword, admittedly, but it could be a blockbuster of a franchise in the end. It’s hard to tell right now. Aside from a tweet nudging potential applicants to “make their mark” on a brand-new IP, there’s not much to go on just yet.

The tweet itself mentions both Alien: Isolation and Halo Wars 2, representative of two very different sides of the studio's release spectrum. It's possible that this was a deliberate move done intentionally to conceal the theme of its latest project. It could potentially blend mechanics from both RTS titles and action games, for instance, and this could be our earliest clue as to what kind of IP is coming down the pipeline.

Creative Assembly's past successes with strategy games point to another possible entry in its long-running portfolio, but it could be diversifying. After stretching its legs with Alien: Isolation, it's possible a large-scale role-playing game or something to that effect is on the way. The studio has yet to post anything official regarding its plans for whatever’s coming next, but it’s certainly not afraid to set lofty goals for itself, that’s for sure.

If you're interested in applying, it's worth noting that the studio is hiring for its West Sussex, UK location. You'll undoubtedly be asked to relocate should you be considered for the positions. For what could potentially become an important franchise, that’s probably a small price to pay.

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