Albion Online: Into the Fray Patch 4 Implements Black Zone Loot Changes and More

Patch 4
Patch 4 Sandbox Interactive

Some changes to loot restrictions in Black Zones have been implemented in Albion Online: Into the Fray Patch 4.

Black Zones in Albion Online are PvP areas where full loot is enabled. This means that players killed in this area will drop items from their inventory, which others can pick up.

In Patch 4, for the first 90 seconds after a black-zone kill, the dead player can only be looted by the following:

  • The killed player's allies (same party, guild, or alliance)
  • The player that dealt the killing blow
    • The killer's allies.
  • The player that dealt the most damage to the killed player
    • That player's allies

After 90 seconds, the corpse can be looted by any player just like before. The changes made to loot restrictions were intended to give active PvP participants a better chance at keeping the spoils of their battles.

This update also brought some nice quality-of-life features. For one, the Trade UI now displays the Silver amount bid by each side at the upper left corner of the window. Furthermore, some buttons have been added to the character stats window, giving players the ability to contact others directly through whisper or mail.

Here are the other things added in Patch 4:

  • The Building Nutrition UI has been updated with new fields and shows how much nutrition is being added. This affects player buildings, Hideouts, and Territories.
  • Might from Castle and Outpost Chests is now distributed to the guild's members in a larger radius, to better include all participants
  • Hideout Power Cores and Territory Energy Crystals will now award Might to the captor, any guild members that are within range, and any eligible guild members that have recently helped in its capture
  • The Faction Warfare "Last Stand" buff no longer prevents the Journey Back ability
  • The Faction Warfare Flagging Bonus can no longer be purged
  • Level 6+ Crystal League Championship tokens no longer appear in the Marketplace
  • General UI Fixes
    • Fixed issue where Territory UI did not close when an attack started
    • Fixed issue where items could vanish when two players moved them to or from a guild vault at the same time
    • Fixed issue where Guild Rights Management UI lagged when scrolling
  • Spell Fixes
    • Evasive Jump (Royal Shoes) provides immunity to knockbacks
    • Ethereal Path (Harvester Workboots) move speed buff ends when mounted
    • Throwing Blades (all Daggers) deals damage to mounts
    • Fixed issue where changing a spell slot could result in an incorrect cooldown for that spell
    • Fixed issue where vanity ability keyboard shortcuts did not work while in recording mode

The full changelog can be found on the official site.

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