Agents Of SHIELD Season 5 Will Not Introduce SWORD

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A group shows up behind Coulson and the team and freeze time in the Agents of SHEILD Season 4 finale.
A group shows up behind Coulson and the team and freeze time in the Agents of SHEILD Season 4 finale. Marvel

Marvel TV executive Jeph Loeb debunked the biggest fan theory for Agents of SHIELD Season 5. SWORD, the subdivision of SHIELD stationed in space, will not appear in the series.

“It won’t be SWORD,” Loeb told Player.One. “I think the easiest answer to that is SWORD was created as part of the X-Men and, as we all now know, under the “things we had nothing to do with” act. But there might be fun references to things that we can get away with. Whatever we can get away with, we will. We are SHIELD and we will still be the heavyweight champion of the Marvel TV universe.”

S.W.O.R.D. appeared in Marvel's 'Secret Invasion' crossover series.
S.W.O.R.D. appeared in Marvel's 'Secret Invasion' crossover series. Marvel

That’s disappointing, considering the strong ties SWORD has to every corner of the Marvel Universe in the comics, but it’s also not surprising. If SWORD was introduced, it would be an ambitious task to please hardcore fans who know about the organization’s ties to Nick Fury, Captain Marvel, the Guardians of the Galaxy and so so much more. While Loeb did confirm SWORD will not exist, his choice of words,”It won’t be SWORD,” suggest a simple solution – we may meet an organization that is simply along the same lines as SWORD, without the X-Men easter eggs.

Loeb also spoke on the highly anticipated Inhumans crossover with SHIELD, which he said will not happen anytime soon.

“It’s not out of the question, but it’s not something that’s planned right now. One of the things we've been open about is we like things to get settled and the audience to know who these characters are. It’s certainly what we did for the shows on Netflix. Get to know them, and when we do Defenders you will get to see them interact,” he said. “Our goal right now is to tell this first arc of being in space and then what happens with the Inhumans is what’s happening on their show, which will have completed their cycle when we start ours.”

The Kree are also on fans’ minds, especially after a now deleted Tumblr post of Chloe Bennet working out with a blue alien walking behind her on set, as well as the Inhumans connection – the fact they are descendants of Kree experimentations. The Kree race, revealed as part of Agent Coulson’s DNA via project TAHITI, will play a part in the upcoming season now that the team is in space.

Are you disappointed SWORD won’t be in Agents of SHIELD Season 5? Let us know in the comments.

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