Age Of Wonders: Planetfall Star Kings Expansion Is Now Available

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New expansion is here.
New expansion is here. Paradox Interactive

Age of Wonders: Planetfall announced that the Star Kings expansion is now available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This third expansion introduces a new playable faction known as the Oathbound. It also includes a free update that adds a lot of new content. Star Kings is available for $19.99.

Features of the Star Kings expansion include:

  • New playable faction - The Oathbound
    • The Oathbound are composed of noble Paladins that pilot giant mechs and beat down opponents by using arc weapons that have been imbued with lightning.
    • The group is led by the mythical Seers. Benevolent while at the same time cunning, they provide support with the ability to see into the future made possible through their connection with a mysterious computer system.
  • New story campaign
    • Players get the chance to lead a Paladin on a mission to save all of mankind.
    • The journey leads players across the galaxy and all the way to the fabled planet of Union Prime.
  • Grail Configurations
    • These new landmark structures can be earned through multi-stage quests.
    • Created by an extinct race of crystal entities, these mysterious structures are used for powerful long term bonuses, which is important when it comes to having the biggest empire.
  • ​Wildlife additions
    • There are three new wildlife groups introduced with this expansion, which are:
      • Psionica
        • Vampire-like rock creatures that feed on psychic energy.
      • Apostates
        • These are former Oathbound that have given up their vows to embrace chaos.
      • Mycelians
        • Sentient mushrooms that have taken control of farming equipment to become cyborgs.

As mentioned, the arrival of the new expansion to the game coincides with the launch of a free patch. Features of the patch include:

  • Galactic Empire
    • Be able to customize your very own empire by conquering different worlds.
      • This progress is carried over between play sessions.
    • Players can combine technology from different races and carry over heroes between planets.
  • ​New worlds to conquer
    • Wage war on new worlds.
      • Each world offers different traits and bonus objectives.
      • This should offer that needed gameplay variety.
    • There are also extra challenges as players take over new planets.
  • Tech requisition
    • Come up with new strategies by adopting, as well as combining, secret tech from the different races.
      • The combinations and tactics created can bring the needed change in the battlefield in new ways.
  • Residential Sectors
    • Create Super Colonies by building beyond the city sector limit and make use a variety of racial upgrades to maximize economic variety.
  • Endless Research
    • Each tech tree now has a ‘Future Tech’ skill which can be researched an unlimited number of times.
    • Future Tech allows for a random stacking bonus every time it is upgraded.
      • This should encourage players to keep on researching.

So which one made you more excited, the new expansion or the new patch?

Age of Wonders: Planetfall
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