Age of Empires IV Welcomes Players to the Enchanted Grove in Update 6.0.878

Update 6.0.878
Update 6.0.878 Relic Entertainment

The latest major content patch for Age of Empires IV is here! Update 6.0.878 welcomes players to the new biome called the Enchanted Grove. There is also a new game mode where players only have three villagers to start with.

Enchanted Grove

Age of Empires IV players are in for a treat in Update 6.0.878. From now until March 29, they can explore the new Enchanted Grove biome, where they have a chance of meeting the Enchanted Stag in a multiplayer or skirmish game. Successfully spotting this majestic creature will reward players with a Golden Stag Monument.

Aside from the new biome, players have three new maps to enjoy in this patch. The first is the Four Lakes where players vie for control over land surrounded by four lakes. Maintaining control over the islands and lakes is key to victory.

A map first introduced in the original Age of Empires, Continental is set on an extensive land surrounded by ocean. This place is riddled with suitable areas for ambushes, so be prepared for anything at all times!

The final map of the bunch is known as the Marshland. This place contains vast amounts of forests, providing players with plenty of opportunities to surprise their opponents. But be warned! Players might come across some wildlife that is unhappy to see them!

New Features

The latest update for Age of Empires IV introduces the new Nomad Game Mode as well. Here, players will start a game with just three scattered villagers. They can roam the map for a good place to build their Town Centers, but it’s also possible that the enemy is doing the same thing.

In addition, players who like to install mods to improve their experience will be happy to know that the in-game Mod Browser has been improved. One of the most notable changes is Dynamic Search to let players see mods as soon as they start typing in the search bar. On top of that, they are now likely to get search results that are relevant to their search criteria.

Here are the other tweaks made to the Mod Browser:

  • Popular Search: Search results will now be sorted based on their “popularity” score which is calculated based on subscription numbers and ratings, so popular mods would appear first.
  • Official mods toggle: Players can now filter mods using the new “official” toggle to find official mods, as well as see a new official label on them.
  • Subscriber count display: We’ve added subscriber count on mod tiles to help players find popular mods quickly.
  • Pagination system: Players can now view search results with a new paging system to view them page by page, jump to a specific page or the first/last page.

So, what can you say about Age of Empires IV Update 6.0.878?

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