Age of Empires IV: Players Can Now Change Minimap Size in Update 6.0.878

Update 6.0.878
Update 6.0.878 Relic Entertainment

Have you been wanting a bigger minimap in Age of Empires IV? Well, Update 6.0.878 makes that possible.

The minimap is a pretty useful tool in a strategy game like Age of Empires IV, so it’s nice to see that Relic Entertainment has finally given you the option to resize it via the new “Minimap Zoom Level” setting.

You can press the default hotkey (M) or you can click on the zoom button situated at the lower right of the minimap HUD. You can set it to normal, 125%, and 150%.

Resize Minimap
Resize Minimap Relic Entertainment

Aside from the ability to resize the minimap, the company also implemented a bunch of improvements. First, you will now see more information about your units, such as movement speed, duplicate weapons, etc.

Moreover, it is now possible for you to send your gathered resources in bulk to your allies via the tribute menu.

Send Resources in Bulk via Tribute Menu
Send Resources in Bulk via Tribute Menu Relic Entertainment


  • Minimally minimal
    • Hide all UI
    • Perfect for screenshots, GIFs, villager selfies!
  • General AI Updates
    • Fixed villagers harvesting sheep that are following a scout.
    • Multiple AI fishing ships can now gather from the same deposit closer to their dock.
    • AI now researches military upgrades more effectively.
    • AI Villagers are now assigned to the Drop Off Building they have constructed.
    • AI will now always try to build the first lumberyard near a forest.
    • AI early game economy was optimized to improve its wood gathering while transitioning to the Feudal Age.
    • When playing as the Abbasid Dynasty using Hardest Difficulty, the AI will prioritize researching the Fresh Foodstuffs upgrade as soon as it becomes available.
    • Adjusted the AI to have trebuchets be higher priority during Castle age and lower in Imperial age. Less infantry/cavalry are required than before to prioritize siege weapons.
    • After a drop-off building was built, the villagers who just built that drop-off should be prioritized to gather resources nearby.
    • Malian AI was adjusted to no longer produce cattle at the start of the game to improve their age up speed. They can start aging up as early as 3-4 minutes into the game. It is permitted to produce cattle after 6 minutes.
    • AI Ottoman war galley will now unload produced units on AI island to be used for future encounters.
    • The Rus AI can activate the Levy Militia ability from the Kremlin when threatened by enemies.
    • Fixed a bug where a scout could get stuck against a deer.
    • Fixed a bug where the AI would ignore some enemy units and may end combat early.

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

Age of Empires IV Update 6.0.878 is available on PC.

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