Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Brings the Dynasties of India Expansion with Update 61321

Update 61321
Update 61321 Forgotten Empires

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition received a new expansion called the Dynasties of India via Update 61321. This expansion features three new civilizations, campaigns, and units, among many others. Read further to learn more.

New Civilizations

The Dynasties of India expansion brings three new civilizations to Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. First is the Bengalis who thrive in dense jungles and winding rivers. They specialize in creating a sturdy chariot called the Ratha that can switch between melee and ranged attack modes.

The Dravidians give players two new unique units to work with, the Urumi Swordsman and the Thirisadai. The former is a fierce warrior that wields a scathing flexible sword that can deal a good amount of damage. The latter is a massive vessel that can dominate the high seas.

And lastly, the Gurjaras offer players the Shrivamsha Rider - a speedy cavalry unit capable of dodging enemy fire, and the Chakram Tower, which is an infantry unit that can unleash a volley of deadly metal discs.

New Campaigns

Three full campaigns are also introduced in the Dynasties of India expansion. Those who like to play as the Tatars and Hindustanis can play Babur’s campaign, which focuses on the conquests of Zahīr ud-Dīn Muhammad, popularly known as Babur, as he establishes the Mughal Empire.

The Rajendra campaign centers around the adventures of the ambitious Rajendra Chola, considered by many the most successful ruler of the Chola Dynasty. Those who like to play as the Dravidians must choose this one.

The last campaign focuses on the conquests of Devapala. He was deemed as Pala Empire’s most powerful ruler. Players must select this one if they’d like to play as the Bengalis.

Update Highlights

  • General
    • Using the Attack Move command no longer instantly speeds up specific units to catch up with the rest of the formation
    • The Attack Move command now has an extremely short delay before units moving to the target location start attacking for the first time
  • Fixes
    • Players are no longer able to see chopped trees and resource depletion graphics through the fog of war
    • Players can no longer see unbuilt foundations of enemy players if the treaty is active
  • General
    • Town Centers can now be repaired even if the player owns exactly 0 stone
    • Siege units and ships are now resistant to armor-ignoring attacks similarly to buildings
  • Mayans
    • Fish and Fish Traps are now properly affected by the Mayan civilization bonus of longer-lasting resources
  • Saracens
    • Zealotry is now available for research in the Castle Age. Madrasah has been removed

The full changelog for Update 61321 can be found here.

Age of Empires: II Definitive Edition - Dynasties of India expansion is available on PC.

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