AFK Arena Invites Everyone to its Third Anniversary Celebration

Happy Anniv!
Happy Anniv! Lilith Games

AFK Arena is celebrating its third birthday and everyone is invited to the party. As part of the festivities, everyone gets incredible anniversary gifts, such as 100 summon scrolls, two new heroes, exclusive skins, and even a web series.

The game also celebrates a milestone with more than 60 million downloads. Since the game was first launched, players have been treated to special appearances from legendary characters coming from different games and anime.

One of the new content is the addition of the video series titled “Just Esperia Things.” The show focuses on a cast of brave but somewhat reckless heroes on their escapades across Esperia.

New Heroes

Players also get to meet the new heroes Audrae and Oku. Audrae represents the Celestial faction and is an agility-based hero that has strong DPS output and pinpoint-ranged attacks. Her ultimate skill is Cosmic Shower which allows her to create meteors that not only damage multiple enemies but also reduce their ability to heal.

Oku, meanwhile, is part of the Thorned Vengeance, an infamous band of fanatical Wilders who have sworn to protect the forest using any means necessary.

New Content

Included in the new content is the brand new skin to the popular Graveborn hero Baden. Baden can wear his new “Star of Rayne” look and head into battle with his “Phantom Assassin” ultimate ability. This creates a phantom clone that shares his abilities at the cost of reducing his own health and attack rating.

AFK Arena is available for free on Google Play Store and the App Store. The game has players choose from a roster of more than 100 heroes divided into seven factions. Each faction has formation buffs and factional advantages over others. Don’t forget to equip heroes and come up with unbeatable lineups to beat enemies.

The game has a campaign mode where players need to fight the ancient evil Hypogeans from destroying the realm of Esperia. The game offers a classic turn-based RPG that has a huge variety of modes. The battle also doesn’t stop even when the player logs off.

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