Achilles: Legends Untold The Spider Cave Update Now Live

The Spider Cave Update Deep Point Games

Dark Point Games recently launched a massive new content patch for its 3D hack-and-slash RPG Achilles: Legends Untold. The Spider Cave update introduced the titular cave map where you will be fighting big and dangerous spiders. Some of them can spit venom and melt your skin, while others are fiery and can burn you with every attack.

That's not all! The Spider Cave update implements a plethora of quality-of-life improvements, starting with the highly requested save slot system. Now, you have three separate save slots, allowing you to have three separate playthroughs. Each save slot contains useful information, including your last location, game difficulty, and character level.

Additionally, you can access the game tutorials tab to help you re-learn the mechanics of Achilles: Legends Untold. If you like using a gamepad while playing, this patch also introduced controller vibrations, giving you some feedback when certain things happen on the screen.

Patch Notes


  • Added 2 new enemies - a bigger, stronger plant variant and fire spiders.
  • Added 2 new GAIA (Group AI Action) actions to make Heretic enemies even more deadly.
  • Added deers running around in some locations.
  • Introduced new options: Gamma Correction and Anti-Aliasing Method Selection.


  • New and improved head and face for Achilles - that's right, Achilles has a new look! Enjoy!
  • Improved the dismemberment system, so you can dominate enemies even more.
  • Many combat improvements, like the ability to interrupt blows (animation canceling) or a better axe experience.
  • Some balance improvements, especially considering status effects. For example, it's now harder to extinguish the flames on a player.
  • Some clarity improvements, like additional descriptions in shrines.
  • Some items and status effects icon improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Slight overall game performance improvement.
  • Pressing the sprint button no longer prevents the player from hitting enemies during combos.
  • Camera now cannot move far away while changing the map.
  • The player can now be hit by Agamenmon's special skills even when he's standing higher.
  • Fire FX no longer appears above the ground.
  • Weapon upgrades increase weapon damage instantly, so there is no need to wait for the game to be reloaded.
  • Collisions on attacks have been improved, it should no longer happen that a blow does not hit even though the opponent was in range.
  • Target lock has been fixed for sprint attacks.
  • Many other minor bugs.

Aside from new content, Dark Point Games shared some details about the current state of the game's co-op feature. As of now, you can only access it through direct invites or by joining via Friend's List. The company is doing its best so that you can play with others via random session search. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon.

Achilles: Legends Untold The Spider Cave update is available on PC.

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