911 Truth Videos: Evidence of Truther Worldview, Not WTC 7 Conspiracy

They're Baaaaack
They're Baaaaack Damon D'Amato from North Hollywood, Calfornia

YouTube has thousands of 9/11 videos, most posted by conspiracists and Truthers who seem to believe that staring reallllllll close at a video is just as good as a six-year technical study by doctors of Fire Science, physical chemists, and yes, several structural engineers.

But I’m not here to show you videos of WTC 7 collapsing. You can look at the 911 Truth billboard being put up by AE911Truth near Times Square if you’d like to see that. Instead, let’s check out those videos that the paragons and luminaries of the 911 Truth movement find convincing. Don't worry, these videos are way more fun. Just kidding. They're terrifying.

911 Truth Videos - Evidence of Whackness

“The 9/11 Awakening Goes Mainstream” proclaims the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth flyer. It lists the Truther speakers that will be featured at their symposium scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 13 at 2 p.m. in Manhattan (tickets are still very much available!).

The Symposium of super serious people who are super serious about WTC 7 being super seriously blown up with invisible nanothermite (Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth)
The Symposium of super serious people who are super serious about WTC 7 being super seriously blown up with invisible nanothermite (Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth) Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Never heard of the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth? Lucky you. Basically, they’re the legitimate front of the 911 Truth movement. Also known as AE911Truth, they’re the group that refuses to speculate about holograms, directed energy weapons, or any of the various other elements so common to most Truther worldviews. Instead it does its best to maintain an aura of scientific inquiry, sticking only to its well-honed free fall and molten iron talking points. But as much as AE911Truth wants to look like mainstream proponents of a new investigation (one which would only be legitimate should it reach their conclusions, naturally), what it believes makes it clear that its 911 Truth conspiracies are part of a larger, systematic paranoia. In other words, all of these guys believe a lot of weird things.

Let’s start with the founder, Richard Gage:

Hoo boy. Remember, this is the best they’ve got (my favorite part is that this video was NOT posted by people making fun of him, but by people who seem to think it's a worthwhile demo). This guy is the most convincing person the 911 Truth movement has to offer.

But put on your worry-pants, because it gets worse. A lot worse.

David Hooper

Let’s begin with David Hooper. He’s the filmmaker behind a new 911 Truth film, “The Anatomy of a Great Deception.” Check out the trailer:

He alludes to it with his description of a “spiritual awakening,” but if you didn’t catch it, David Hooper believes the 9/11 attacks are fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. He is also a big fan of Way of the Master, as you can see on his YouTube page.

Dave Hooper subscribing to Way of the Master (photo: YouTube)
Dave Hooper subscribing to Way of the Master (photo: YouTube) YouTube

Way of the Master? These guys:

So, which is more convincing, Richard Gage's box demonstration or Ray Comfort arguing that the banana proves the existence of a god? There's only one way to be sure...

Hooper also “liked” YouTube videos connecting “Abortion, Rock Music and Freemasonry” and a video that claims that the Masons doctored the Flight 93 crash footage from Shanksville, Pennsylvania. He spends his time condemning Oprah Winfrey to hell and fretting about the Illuminati plans behind NASA missions.

Watch Oprah, go to hell (photo: YouTube)
Watch Oprah, go to hell (photo: YouTube) YouTube

William Pepper

Next on the roster is William Pepper. He believes that James Earl Ray, assassin of Martin Luther King, Jr., is the victim of a conspiracy involving the FBI, CIA, the military, the Mafia, and the Memphis police. Next!

Wayne Madsen

Alex Jones plus Wayne Madsen (best part: trying to out America each other at 1:42:00) ... we've found the irresponsible conspiracy-mongering singularity. Before we're all sucked into the black hole of their combined genius for stupidity, here's some of Wayne Madsen's greatest hits:

Obama is gay. He slept with Senate majority leader Bill Frist. Now that's what I call reaching across the aisle.

Mossad runs CNN and caused 9/11. And yet they can't beat Fox News' ratings.

H1N1 swine flu was created by the U.S. military. And they tried to have bacon take the fall...

Eliot Spitzer was brought down by Mossad. Hot, steamy Mossad.

Israel attacked the U.S.S. Cole with a cruise missile.

If you haven’t noticed yet, conspiracies involving Israel are a common thread in many of the conspiracy circles. Wayne Madsen, though, is a virtuoso.

That's right. He's found a way to blame Israel for ISIS. Also...
Don't worry, I have no idea either.

Rudy Dent

Hoo boy. This guy is a real treat. And by treat I mean like one of those Bertie Bott's beans that taste like earwax. He has a big problem with Jews and appears to sympathize with Holocaust deniers. Here are just two of the videos he’s “liked” on YouTube. Don’t watch if you don’t want to be absolutely disgusted. Seriously. Don't watch these videos.

Bill Brinnier

Bill Brinnier, like Richard Gage, is a real architect. This is the best thing you can be in 911 Truth circles, the Truther unicorn. This seems to stem from a belief that architects can give you deep insight into how skyscrapers work on a structural level. Here’s some of his work.

Pretty obvious why he’s a trustworthy expert on what happened to the Twin Towers and WTC 7, isn’t it? I mean, anyone who can build a front porch like that must have deep insight into structural stressors.

Like many of the panelists, Brinnier also has a YouTube page that reveals his sympathies with other conspiracy theories (unlike Rudy Dent, I have no independent verification that this is his YouTube account, but I believe the overlap in interests makes it a more than reasonable assumption). Brinnier has “liked” a video declaring the Sandy Hook massacre a conspiracy.

9/11 Truthers Are Never Just 9/11 Truthers

See, that's the thing about 911 Truth and Truthers. The strategic ones want you to believe that they're not lifelong conspiracy theorists. They're just normal people looking to get to the real truth around the September 11 attacks. But it's a lie. If they believe WTC 7 was brought down by controlled demolition, chances are they also believe that the Rothschilds run the economy, vaccines cause autism, or FEMA camps await us all. And remember, these are the most legitimate figures 9/11 Truth has to offer. The Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth represents the absolute best they can do, and these are the people they chose to speak at their headline event. These are not people to be taken seriously. They are, to a man, steeped in a conspiratorial mindset that's willing to believe any evil that confirms their worldview. And while their motives are different--Jews for some, New World Order for others--the nonsense that results is the same.

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