8-Bit Open-World RPG Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX Makes Its Way To PC On July 31

The title was first released on the Switch to a very positive reception.
First released on the Switch, Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX will now be making its way to the PC via Steam on July 31.
First released on the Switch, Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX will now be making its way to the PC via Steam on July 31. Playism

First launched on the Nintendo Switch on June 6, the 8-bit open world role-playing game Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX will be coming soon to the PC via Steam and Playism. The announcement was made by publisher Playism and developer Bluffman Games.

So, what is Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX all about? The all-new and original, yet nostalgic, RPG is bluffman games’ take on the 8-bit role playing game genre. The Japanese indie developers won the world over with its open world style and “free scenario” gameplay. Basically, this means that the outcome of each story is unique and depends on the choices each player makes. However, the developers remind players that for every action you make and choice you take, there will be consequences lurking around the corner that will soon matter.

Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX provide rich and varied scenarios along with choices that carry serious and specific consequences. It specifies that three years in the future, these consequences will make themselves known and the ramifications of your choices may shock you. Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX also boasts simple enough, yet hard to master, battle mechanics. Moving left and right, jumping and slamming into enemies, and dodging attacks are all done through simplistic battle controls. Loads of customization options are also available, such as the combination of different active and passive skills.

Checking out the gameplay trailer, I found myself fascinated by the game’s take on the very old and established genre. The combat is a bit worrying though, as there seems to be a lot of stuff going on in the screen at any given moment. It might be intentional, and can actually represent bullet hell sections within the combat themselves, but it could use some restrained refining.

Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX, which was released to wide critical acclaim for the Nintendo Switch, will be launching on the PC in commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the North American release of the Nintendo Game Boy. It will be made available for play via Steam on July 31 for $9.99. Check out its Steam page here to wish list it, if you're interested.

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