7 Cool Gift Ideas For Final Fantasy Fans

Final Fantasy Gift Ideas
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Among the biggest names in the RPG genre, Final Fantasy is a franchise that you cannot ignore. Final Fantasy has released numerous games, all set in different worlds and with hundreds of characters. Every new title launch in the series improves upon the game's mechanics and stories. The series has gathered a tremendous fanbase over the period of 33 grand years. With such a large fanbase, the door for Final Fantasy merchandise is wide open. If you have a friend who is a big time Final Fantasy fan and want to make their day with a gift, we've got you covered. Here are the 7 best gift ideas for Final Fantasy fans.

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Cloud Figure

Cloud Figure
Cloud Figure Amazon

Cloud Strife is one of the most loved characters in Final Fantasy. He played a major role in Final Fantasy VII and has continued to appear in numerous films and spin-offs since then. The character became so popular that he was also granted a spot on the roster for Super Mario Smash Bros Ultimate.

Tonberry Room Lamp

Tonberry Room Lamp
Tonberry Room Lamp Amazon

Although Final Fantasy adds new characters and worlds to the games, many of the monsters remain the same. Tonberrys are the iconic monsters in the franchise. They come at you wielding lamps and knives. This Tonberry statue not only serves as a memoir, it also lights up a dark room.

Cactuar Coin Bank

Cactuar Coin Bank
Cactuar Coin Bank Amazon

Whenever you hear high-pitched laughter when playing Final Fantasy games, it is time to get ready for an annoying battle. Just like Tonberrys, Cactuars are also one of the popular enemies in the series. These monsters shoot thousands of needles at you, which does some serious damage to party members. They also run away when you try hitting them. Nonetheless, you can gift this cute Cactuar-inspired coin bank to your loved one and they'll surely enjoy it.

Chocobo's Crystal Hunt The Card Game

Card Game
Card Game Amazon

Chocobos are cute little yellow birds that are the most recognizable part of the Final Fantasy games. These birds are a staple of the franchise and are featured in many Final Fantasy marketing campaigns. These birds now have their own card game, with players competing for the simple goal of acquiring different types of crystals.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Amazon

The Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 HD collection has been out for a few years now, but they were only available on the PC and PlayStation consoles. Now, the HD collection is also coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. If your friend owns either of the two consoles, you can surprise them with this remaster.

Final Fantasy Ultimania

FInal Fantasy Ultimania
FInal Fantasy Ultimania Amazon

New Final Fantasy fans may find it hard to revisit the old games in the franchise to learn what events took place in them. However, Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive allows players to experience the stories the initial games in a comic style. The archive contains details, concept art, and much more for the first six games in the series.

Distant World - Music From Final Fantasy

Distant World
Distant World Amazon

One thing that makes Final Fantasy so great is its marvelous music. Square Enix has released some amazing soundtracks in Final Fantasy games over the years. Now you can get Distant World: Music from Final Fantasy, an album that was released on the 20th anniversary of the franchise as part of the celebration. This alone makes it a worthy gift.

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