2019 PUBG Global Championship Takes Place Next Month

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Learn more about the 2019 PGC.
Learn more about the 2019 PGC. PUBG

PUBG announced that the 2019 PUBG Global Championship is all set for November. This marks the culmination of the first official season for PUBG Esports. Up for grabs is the chance to be named 2019 PUBG Global Champions and a large piece of the $2 million prize pool.

The PUBG Global Championship takes place over the course of three weekends:

  • Group Stage
    • November 8-10
    • OGN Super Arena in Manhattan Beach, California
  • Semifinals
    • November 15-17
    • OGN Super Arena in Manhattan Beach, California
  • Grand Finals
    • November 23-24
    • Oakland, California.

The PUBG Global Championship brings together the best teams from PUBG Esports leagues around the world. These include the PUBG Korea League (PKL), North American National PUBG League (NPL), PUBG Europe League (PEL), and the Chinese PUBG Champions League (PCL), among others. The Group Stage features 32 teams, with the bottom eight being eliminated over the course of three days. The Semifinal Stage, meanwhile, features the remaining 24 teams, before eight of them are knocked out. The Grand Finals feature the remaining 16 teams battling it out at the Oakland Arena for two days of competition, six matches each day, before one team walks away as the 2019 PUBG Global Champion.

As of this writing, a total of 23 out of 32 teams have been confirmed. Teams include T1, FaZe Clan, Liquid, Natus Vincere, and Team SoloMid.

The tournament isn't just about the team, as beginning November 5, fans are going to be able to gear up and celebrate the tournament by purchasing an exciting range of exclusive in-game items. In particular, 25% of net proceeds from total item sales will be added to the overall PGC prize pool of $2 million.

An additional 25% of item sale revenue is going to be awarded to participating teams via the tournament ‘Pick’Em Challenge’ Event. Every item purchase is going to grant entry to the event, where fans are going to have the opportunity to predict the winning team. Those who guess correctly receive exclusive PGC rewards, not obtainable anywhere else. Further details will be revealed at a later date.

2019 PUBG Global Championship items include:

  • PGC 2019 Clothing Set - $14.99
    • PGC 2019 Headgear
    • PGC 2019 Mask
    • PGC 2019 Tactical Hoodie
    • PGC 2019 Combat Pants
    • PGC 2019 Sneakers
    • PGC 2019 Braces and Smartwatch
  • PGC 2019 Combat Set - $14.99
    • PGC 2019 Helmet (Level 2)
    • PGC 2019 Backpack (Level 2)
    • PGC 2019 Parachute
  • PGC 2019 M416 Weapon Skin - $9.99
  • PGC 2019 Dacia Skin - $9.99
  • PGC 2019 Bundle - $29.99
    • All eleven PGC items above
  • PGC 2019 “Victory Dance” Emote - $2.99

You can learn more about PUBG Esports here.

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