Zelter: Patch v0.6.3.10510 Brings Some Changes to Pioneer Mode

Patch v0.6.3.10510
Patch v0.6.3.10510 Steam

Patch v0.6.3.10510 for Zelter is now available on Steam. This update brings some changes to the game’s Pioneer Mode.

Zelter is not your ordinary zombie game. Instead of dealing with realistic and ugly-looking zombies that will stop at nothing to eat your carcass, the game uses 2D pixel graphics to animate what is usually perceived as scary entities. The expanding zombie plague has caused most of the human population to turn into hordes of monsters. Your mission is to fight them and rescue as many survivors as you can. Some mechanics, such as crafting and scavenging, are also available to help you survive in a world filled with the walking dead!

Anyway, Pioneer Mode in Zelter is an endless mode that focuses heavily on recruiting survivors and creating a reliable team to fight the zombie horde. Recently, Patch v0.6.3.10510 was released which brought some changes to the said game mode.

For one, the radio tower NPC now takes a good rest from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. in-game time. Moreover, the Crop Merchant spawns a day earlier (Day 3 instead of Day 4) and will now mention the daily price of crops he is buying during his opening dialogue. The supply box now contains more food items as well, including five Hardtacks, three pieces of wheat, and three potatoes.

You can read the rest of the changes brought by Patch v0.6.3.10510 below:

Updated Features
  • Food
    • Food placed in the supply box now spoils 40% slower than before.
    • Recipes for food have been slightly changed to give a greater advantage
    • Cooked food freshness now depends on the freshness of the original ingredient
  • Civilian and Ally NPCs
    • The hunger and thirst rate of NPCs now accumulate slower
    • Ally NPCs now get a share of combat EXP gained by the player
  • Items
    • Sickle durability increased from 100 to 200
    • Sickle hitbox now applies properly
    • All Iron tools' durability increased from 180 to 240
    • Farming tool durability increased from 40 to 50
    • Revolver durability increased from 100 to 300
    • Maximum quantity of items you can stack in one slot has increased for Potatoes and Wheat (50 to 100) as well as Plastic (200 to 250).
  • Resource Deposits
    • Resource deposits for Iron, Stone, Copper, Wood, and Plastic now have less health but provide the same amount of resources
    • Gold and Silver deposits are now harder to break
  • Boss
    • 4 types of Boss attacks changed to inflict splash damage
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue when some quests don’t count as completed
  • Fixed issue with no new quests appearing after completing one
  • Fixed the issue where the game wouldn't function when using a gamepad
  • Fixed the issue where the player character’s costume wouldn’t display in some cases
  • Fixed issue with cooked food having 100% freshness regardless of the original ingredient
  • Fixed modified zombies getting stuck on obstacles

Zelter Patch v0.6.3.10510 is available on PC.

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