Ymir The Research Overhaul Update: Bug Fixes, New Research System, and More

Ymir Steam

Ymir recently received a new update that fixed tons of issues and added new research mechanics. The addition of Research Points will save tons of time for players. Players can use population and research buildings to generate global Research Points, and these points can be stored for later use. You can spend them to speed up or instantly finish other projects.

The developers are also reducing the number of risks in projects. If players fail research projects, now it will just setback the progress, instead of making the project a complete failure. Additionally, if players fail a project, it gives an experience bonus that increases the odds of success on the next trial. These changes will make project failures more forgiving.

Ymir The Research Overhaul Patch Notes

  • Lowered difficulty of Herbalism
  • Lowered difficulty of Metallurgy
  • Fixed bug can't reinforce units when techs of equipment are unknown
  • Blocked troop transfers when formation is encamped
  • Fixed bug of alcohol ideas triggering without needed materials
  • Upgrading town hall buildings now auto-changes the territory status as well
  • It's now possible to upgrade town hall buildings instead of building a new one
  • Added passive decay of free traders stock based on global world population
  • Added free trader price variations based on current stocks
  • Added NPC faction of Free Traders
  • Fixed various issues with walls and cliffs connections
  • Fixed bug of abandoning settlements still now properly cleaning population from houses
  • Added abandoned building visual effects
  • Canceling building demolition no longer gives free rebuild unless only 1 HP was lost.
  • Outposts no longer allow for industries
  • Town and city statuses are only available for capital unless "regional governments" policy is active
  • Excluded State Power and admin buildings from insolvency auto-abandonments
  • Outposts now require "territorial patrols" tech
  • Regional territories and settlers are now available pre-leadership
  • Implemented "Expansion Points," replacing State Power as territory maintenance costs.
  • Fixed bug allowing to disband herds on the world map
  • Added possibility to transfer knowledge in treaties, costing Research Points to the sender.
  • Removed salaries from GDP
  • Temp reduction of the effect of treasury on monetary value
  • Added categories to knowledge & category filter in the UI
  • Added a new type of project that has chances to give a new idea in a specific knowledge category when completed.
  • Added new "research" tab and UI to territory menu
  • Elder circle, library, architect, and Academia services now generate extra Research Points.
  • Improved project completion time prediction.

You can read more about the update here.

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