XERA: Survival Early Access Patch 9.2 Character Spawn Changes, Map Updates, and More

XERA: Survival Early Access
XERA: Survival Early Access Steam

XERA: Survival recently got a new update that makes some changes to the loot system, map, and character spawning.

The spawning system received small changes, including new players spawning at random places, instead of at safe areas. When players spawn, they no longer appear where they logged out before updates. This gives a more challenging experience to stay alive in this survival game. Moreover, developers added more military roadblocks across the map, which can make it difficult for players.

XERA: Survival Early Access Patch 9.2

Loot and Containers

  • Increased world loot scale from 1800-2000 to 2100-2400.
  • Increased chance of loot in ammo containers to 40% (was 25%)
  • Increased chance of loot in military container to 35% (was 25)
  • Increased chance of loot in low military containers to 65% (was 40%)
  • Increased default spawn rate of containers to 35% (was 25)
  • Reduced min/max rotation time of loot to 10-25 minutes (was 15-35 minutes)


  • Added coordinates A-H/1-8 to the map image


  • Fixed an issue with prediction system not detecting base parts


  • Adjusted railway tracks collision to help vehicles navigate over more easily
  • Added more military crates to roadblocks
  • Added military roadblocks to towns and cities
  • Added more military crates to military base and airport
  • Fixed various map bugs

Loading Screen

  • Added 120-second timeout on loading screen to fix any instances where players cannot load in

Base Building

  • Added large storage container, max slots 30, max stack 500, 500HP
  • Added collision check for closing perimeter walls (cannot be closed with players or vehicles in the way)
  • Reduced log requirement of metal bars to 2
  • Reduced log requirement of silver bars to 4
  • Reduced log requirement of copper to 4
  • Reduced log requirement of sulfur to 3
  • Added furnace burning effects when logs are being consumed
  • You can now pick up empty storage containers


  • Increased default health of Buggy to 300 HP (was 200)

Resources and Foliage

  • Increased chance per hit to gather resources to 70% (was 40%)
  • Increased amount of resources gathered from trees to 3-10 (was 2-8)
  • Increased amount of resources gathered from rocks to 4 - 9 (was 3 - 8)
  • You will now get 1-2 experience per resource gathered


  • Added tooltip for improvised hammer
  • Updated model and thumbnail for cooked fish and small fish

Main Menu

  • Added additional check for failure to play intros causing black screen on load for DX11 users

You can read more about the update here.

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