Workers & Resources Soviet Republic Update New GUI, Spy Tool, and Bug Fixes

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic steam

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic recently received a new update that added changes to the GUI and bug fixes. The GUI has been updated to boost player convenience. It now comes with a new construction menu with adjustable screen positions and a quick stats page where players can find information on the economy.

The developers have also added an option to install spy equipment. Players can use this equipment to know if their citizens are up to no good.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Update

Content Update Features

  • Build monuments to increase the loyalty of your citizens.
  • New complex rail signals mechanic update
  • Optimized traffic flow added for parking lots and other buildings.
  • Orphanage added - Look after your republic’s children should the worst happen to their parents.

Smaller Features and Fixes

  • Added 3rd terrain setting - High - what is parallax with tile prevention
  • Added T678 diesel locomotive
  • Added checkboxes to the production line for random skin, and end production after the last task
  • Added code for process priority to "realtime" to avoid FPS drops on some systems
  • Added code for reset government loyalty, if opening older save, also in the cheat menu was added a button to reset/randomize government loyalty for citizens
  • Decreased profit from Tourism by 60 to 70%
  • Added support for ZIP saves
  • Added flags to residential buildings and city/area window, which citizens are allowed to move into the building
  • Added fewer restrictions for firetrucks and ambulances when overrunning other vehicles such as trolleybuses without power or vehicles without fuel
  • Added low loyalty affect negatively the birth of children - depending on the difficulty setting
  • Added low loyalty decrease production even the citizen is happy and healthy, high loyalty increases production even over 100%
  • Added models for rail junction and rail, road and footpaths death ends
  • Added new optimized parking lots
  • Added notification message about low loyalty
  • Added pedestrian connections to parking lots and hospital
  • Added possibility to define transfer point for the citizens at bus/trains and all other vehicles. So your citizens will be able to switch the line without the requirement to have two stations

You can read more about the update here.

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