'Word Cookies' Answers: Cheats For Coffee, Chocolate, Caramel, Mocha And Espresso Levels In Commis Chef Pack

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word cookies answers cheats strawberry peach red velvet rose cherry talent chef pack ios android all levels hints tips (156273) BitMango Word Cookies/ Player.One

Playing Word Cookies Commis Chef Pack but getting stuck? We have the answers for all Commis Chef levels Coffee through Espresso, including Special Level answers in our cheat guide, here.

If you’ve been playing the addictive mobile word game, Word Cookies, you know how frustrating it can be to get stumped by a level. As a result, we’ve compiled growing lists of answer cheat sheets for all Word Cookies levels. In this article, we have posted all the answers for the Commis Chef levels, which include Coffee, Chocolate, Caramel, Mocha and Espresso including the special level answers. If you’re just getting started and need a few hints for earlier levels, we have all the Home Baker and Novice Chef and Talented Chef answers in earlier posts, which can be found below. As we unlock more packs, we’ll link the answers in this list.

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Word Cookies ‘Commis Chef’ Cheats: Answers For Coffee Through Espresso

Word Cookies Answers: "Coffee" Pack
Word Cookies Answers: "Coffee" Pack Getty Images

“Coffee” Pack Answers

  • Coffee Level 1 – Dew, Die, Ice, Kid, Deck, Dice, Iced, Wick, Wide, Wicked
  • Coffee Level 2 – Our, Hour, Ours, Rush, Sour, Such, Crush, Hours, Scour, Chorus
  • Coffee Level 3 – Bow, Bur, Orb, Our, Rob, Row, Rub, Brow, Burrow
  • Coffee Level 4 – For, Fox, Rod, Food, Ford, Odor, Rood, Roof, Oxford
  • Coffee Level 5 – Hit, Ill, Lit, Hill, Hilt, Lilt, Rill, Till, Trill, Thrill
  • Coffee Level 6 - Dad, Did, Add, Aid, Act, Cat, Tad, Tic, Acid, Addict
  • Coffee Level 7 – Aim, Gag, Gin, Man, Nag, Gain, Gang, Main, Aging, Gaming
  • Coffee Level 8 – Bet, But, Cub, Cue, Cut, Tub, Buck, Cube, Cute, Tube, Tuck, Bucket
  • Coffee Level 9 – Cot, Ice, Tie, Toe, Tic, Exit, Otic, Cite, Toxic, Exotic
  • Coffee Level 10 – Ill, Pill, Poll, Lip, Lop, Low, Will Oil, Owl, Pillow
  • Coffee Special Level – Wilt, Plot, Top, Tip, Tow, Two, Lit, Till, Pit, Toil, Wit, Opt, Lot, Pot
  • Coffee Level 11 – Fly, Lap, Lay, Pal. Pay, Ply, Flap, Flay, Play, Apply, Flappy
  • Coffee Level 12 – Beg, Bug, Bur, Err, Rub, Rue, Rug, Grub, Urge, Urger, Burger
  • Coffee Level 13 – All, Far, For, Oar, Fall, Foal, Loaf, Oral, Roll, Flora, Floral
  • Coffee Level 14 – Pit, Pry, Put, Rip, Rut, Tip, Try, Pity, Trip, Purity
  • Coffee Level 15 – Err, Fee, Pee, Per, Ref, Rep, Free, Reef, Peer, Freer, Refer, Prefer
  • Coffee Level 16 – Cue, Cut, Let, Cult, Clue, Celt, Lute, Cutlet
  • Coffee Level 17 – Big, Bin, Bio. Bog, Box, Gin, Ion, Nib, Bingo, Boxing
  • Coffee Level 18 – Age, Are, Ear, Egg, Era, Gag, Rag, Area, Gage, Gear, Rage, Garage
  • Coffee Level 19 – Low, Lye, Owe, Owl, Woe, Well, Yell, Lowly, Yellow
  • Coffee Level 20 – Hit, Nit, Win, Wit, Tin, With, Hint, Twin, Thin, Whit, Within

“Chocolate” Pack Answers

Word Cookies Answers: "Chocolate" Pack Cheats
Word Cookies Answers: "Chocolate" Pack Cheats Getty Images
  • Chocolate Level 1 – Aid, Air, Rad, Raw, Rid, War, Arid, Draw, Raid, Ward, Wizard
  • Chocolate Level 2 – Not, Nut, Out, Ton, Tot, Tun, Tout, Unto, Mount, Mutton
  • Chocolate Level 3 – Inn, Ire, New, Win, Nine, Rein, Weir, Wine, Wire, Wren, Inner, Winner
  • Chocolate Level 4 – Ace, Fad, Fed, Aced, Café, Deaf, Face, Fade, Faced, Facade
  • Chocolate Level 5 – Din, Don, Ion, Nod, Now, Own, Win, Won, Down, Wind, Widow, Window
  • Chocolate Level 6 – Cot, Coy, Sky, Soy, Sty Toy, Cost, Cosy, Cots, Cyst, Sock, Toys, Stock, Stocky
  • Chocolate Level 7 – Pan, Pin, Nap, Nip, Ink, Inn, Nan, Kin, Akin, Pink, Pain, Napkin,
  • Chocolate Level 8 – Big, Bit, Hit, Rib, Rig, Brig, Girt, Grit, Birth, Girth, Right, Bright
  • Chocolate Level 9 – Get, Hey, Hit, Thy, Tie, Yet, They, Yeti, Eight, Eighty
  • Chocolate Level 10 – Egg, Get, Gnu, Gun, Gut, Net, Nut, Ten, Tug, Tun, Tune, Nugget
  • Chocolate SPECIAL LEVEL - Glue, Lunge, Leg, Let, Lute, Lung, Gel, Lent, Glut, Lune, Gluten
  • Chocolate Level 11 – Dig, Din, Dog, Don, Gin, God, Ion, Nod, Ding, Doing, Indigo
  • Chocolate Level 12 – Did, Die, Ice, Cede, Deed, Dice, Died, Iced, Ceded, Diced, Decide
  • Chocolate Level 13 – Bum, Elm, Emu, Hem, Hub, Hue, Hum, Blue, Helm, Mule, Humble
  • Chocolate Level 14 – Dig, Din, Dog, Don, Gin, God, Ion, Nod, Zig, Ding, Zion, Doing, Dozing
  • Chocolate Level 15 – Too, Tot, Oat, Motto, Moo, Mat, Atom, Tat, Moot, Moat, Tomato
  • Chocolate Level 16 – Mon, Ore, Rem, Roe, Rom, Rye, Memo, More, Memory
  • Chocolate Level 17 – Eon, Foe, For, Nor, One, Ore, Roe, Fern, Fore, Zero, Zone, Froze, Frozen
  • Chocolate Level 18 – Ire, Per, Pie, Pip, Rep, Rip, Zip, Pier, Pipe, Ripe, Piper, Prize, Zipper
  • Chocolate Level 19 – Eon, Lop. One, Pen, Lone, Lope, Noel, Open, Peon, Pole, Poll, Pollen
  • Chocolate Level 20 – Ice, Pie, Sip, Epic, Pies, Spec, Epics, Spice, Biceps

“Caramel” Pack Answers

Word Cookies: "Caramel" Level Cheats
Word Cookies: "Caramel" Level Cheats Getty Images
  • Caramel Level 1 – Net, Nit, Ten, Tie, Tin, Vet, Vie, Tine, Vein, Vent, Vine, Invite
  • Caramel Level 2 – Egg, Grin, Rig, Ring, Gig, Gin, Rein, Ire, Reign, Ginger
  • Caramel Level 3 – Gel, Get, Hen, Leg, Let, Net, Nth, Ten, The, Lent, Then, Length
  • Caramel Level 4 – Low, Mew, Mow, Owe, Owl, Woe, Mole, Well, Mellow
  • Caramel Level 5 – Ace, Can, Fan, Fen, Fie, Fin, Ice, Acne, Café, Cane, Fine, Nice, Fiancé
  • Caramel Level 6 – Doe, Dot, Due, Duo, Ode, Out, Ted, Toe, Dote, Duet, Tuxedo
  • Caramel Level 7 – Oil, Foil, Loss, Oils, Silo, Soil, Floss, Foils, Silos, Soils, Fossil
  • Caramel Level 8 – Ply, Pup, Pus, Sly, Spy, Sup, Ups, Plus, Pulp, Pups, Pulps, Supply
  • Caramel Level 9 – Dog, Dot, God, Got, Hod, Hog, Hot, Tho, Too, Good, Goth, Hood, Hoot, HotDog
  • Caramel Level 10 – Ale, Elf, Elm, Lam, Lea, Fame, Flea, Lame, Leaf, Male, Meal, Flame, Aflame
  • Caramel SPECIAL LEVEL – Flake, Lake, Kale, Make, Fake, Elk, Lek, Leak, Flak
  • Caramel Level 11 – Ore, Roe, Core, Eros, Ores, Roes, Rose, Sore, Cores, Score, Soccer
  • Caramel Level 12 - Fig, Fit, Hit, Lit, Flit, Gift, Gilt, Hilt, Lift, Fight, Filth, Light, Flight
  • Caramel Level 13 – Per, Pup, Rep, Rue, Lure, Prep, Pulp, Pure, Rule, Upper, Purple
  • Caramel Level 14 – Bet, But, Tub, Bell, Belt, Blue, Bull, Lute, Tell, Tube, Bullet
  • Caramel Level 15 – Den, Did, Die, Din, End, Hen, Hid, Hie, Died, Dine, Hide, Hind, Dined, Hidden
  • Caramel Level 16 – Rev, Rue, Rye, Sue, Use, Yes, Revs, Rues, Ryes, Suer, Sure, User, Very, Survey
  • Caramel Level 17 – Hip, His, Hob, Hop, Sip, Sob, Sop, Hips, Hobs, Hops, Ship, Shop, Bishop
  • Caramel Level 18 – Den, End, Fed, Fee, Fen, Deed, Eden, feed, Fend, Need, Defend
  • Caramel Level 19 – Ace, Can, Acne, Cane, Clan, Elan, Lace, Lane, Lean, Clean, Lance, Cancel
  • Caramel Level 20 – Eve, Ore, Roe, Rom, Ever, Mere, More, Move, Over, Rome, Rove, Mover, Remove

“Mocha” Pack Answers

Word Cookies Answers: "Mocha" Level Cheats
Word Cookies Answers: "Mocha" Level Cheats Getty Images
  • Mocha Level 1 – Rig, Rigid, Ring, Rind, Rid, Riding, Grin, Grind, Grid, Gin, Dig, Din, Ding
  • Mocha Level 2 – Elk, Ilk, Ill, Key, Lek, Lie, Lye, Kill, Like, Lily, Yell, Likely
  • Mocha Level 3 – Awe, Ken, New, Wan, Anew, Knew, Wake, Wane, Weak, Wean, Awake, Waken, Awaken
  • Mocha Level 4 – Dot, Duo, Its, Out, Sit, Sod, Dots, Dust, Oust, Outs, Stud, Suit, Studio
  • Mocha Level 5 – Bun, Bur, Cub, Cur, Hub, Nub, Rub, Run, Urn, Burn, Curb, Bunch, Churn, Brunch
  • Mocha Level 6 – Ink, Ken, Kin, Kit, Net, Nit, Ten, Tie, Tin, Kite, Knit, Tent, Tine, Tint, Kitten
  • Mocha Level 7 – Ail, Aim, Fly, Lam, Lay, May, Mil, Yam, Fail, Film, Mail, Family
  • Mocha Level 8 – Den, End, Net, Ted, Tee, Ten, Dent, Eden, Need, Teen, Tend, Extend, Next
  • Mocha Level 9 – Dig, Din, Dry, Gin, Rid, Rig, Ding, Grid, Grin, Rind, Ring, Dying, Grind, Drying
  • Mocha Level 10 – Den, Doe, Don, End, Eon, Men, Nod, Nor, Ode, One, Ore, Red, Rod, Roe, Rom, Modern
  • Coffee Special Level – Demon, Dome, Mend, Mode, Nerd, Node, Norm, Normed, Omen, Redo, Rend, Rode, More
  • Mocha Level 11 – Ink, Inn, Ins, Kin, Sin, Ski, Sky, Inks, Inky, Inns, Kins, Sink, Skin, Skinny
  • Mocha Level 12 – Him, Hit, Icy, Thy, Tic, Chit, City, Itch, Myth, Itchy, Mythic
  • Mocha Level 13 – Sold, Sod, Soul, Hold, Holds, Old, Olds, Loud, Lush, Duo, Hod, Hods, Should
  • Mocha Level 14 – Inn, Ion, Nit, Not, Tin, Ton, Too, Into, Noon, Onto, Onion, Notion
  • Mocha Level 15 – Cot, Ore, Ret, Roe, Rot, Toe, Coke, Core, Cork, Reck, Rock, Rote, Tore, Trek, Rocket
  • Mocha Level 16 – Ale, Ape, Lap, Lea, Pal, Pea, Pep, Leap, Pale, Peal, Plea, Apple, Appeal
  • Mocha Level 17 – Fie, Fig, Fir, Fur, Ire, Rig, Rue. Rug, Fire, Urge, Grief, Figure
  • Mocha Level 18 – Eel, Elm, Lee, Let, Met, Tee, The, Heel, Helm, Meet, Melt, Them, Theme, Helmet
  • Mocha Level 19 – Gin, Ink, Ins, Kin, Sin, Ski, Gins, Inks, King, Kings, Sign, Sing, Sink, Skin, Kings, Skiing
  • Mocha Level 20 – Hop, Hot, Opt, Pot, Pro, Pry, Rot, Thy, Top, Toy, Try, Hypo, Port, Trophy

“Espresso” Pack Answers

Word Cookies Answers: "Espresso" Level Cheats
Word Cookies Answers: "Espresso" Level Cheats Getty Images
  • Espresso Level 1 -
  • Espresso Level 2 -
  • Espresso Level 3 -
  • Espresso Level 4 -
  • Espresso Level 5 -
  • Espresso Level 6 -
  • Espresso Level 7 -
  • Espresso Level 8 -
  • Espresso Level 9 -
  • Espresso Level 10 -
  • Espresso Special Level -
  • Espresso Level 11 -
  • Espresso Level 12 -
  • Espresso Level 13 -
  • Espresso Level 14 -
  • Espresso Level 15 -
  • Espresso Level 16 -
  • Espresso Level 17 -
  • Espresso Level 18 -
  • Espresso Level 19 -
  • Espresso Level 20 -
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