The Witcher: Monster Slayer Launching Worldwide July 21

Can you take on the monsters?
Can you take on the monsters? Spokko

Fans of The Witcher series have something to look forward to this month. That’s because The Witcher: Monster Slayer is hitting mobile devices on July 21. For now, the game is limited to Android players.

So what’s the game about? It describes itself as a “location-based augmented reality RPG.” That should be enough to get an idea. Just in case you’re one of those who don’t have a clue, think Pokémon GO. Yes, it’s that kind of game.

While Monster Slayer does exist in the same universe, the story is set in a time before The Witcher series. During this period, there are still a lot of monsters that roam freely across the land. In addition, the role of a “Witcher” is something new. Without Geralt of Rivia, do you have what it takes to fight these monsters?


In the game, players get to see the real world transformed into that of The Witcher. Explore familiar locations infested with dangerous beasts. Like any RPG, you can’t just go out there and start hitting monsters. It’s always important to prepare, like training your character. There are also potions that need to be brewed along with bombs. Just remember to have the correct set of items when going after those monsters.

Overall, features of the game are:

  • Track Targets
    • Hunt monsters near you by using real-time weather conditions and time of day.
  • Explore Advanced Augmented Reality
    • Experience the dark world of the series. AR is sure to give you new different perspectives.
  • Take on Adventures
    • The game offers quests to get you immersed in deep and story-driven adventures.
  • Gather Trophies
    • Defeat different beasts and start your own collection.

The worldwide release may still be days away but Android users can now pre-register on Google Play. Players who pre-register get the Kaer Morhen Steel Sword. This item allows players to get an extra 10% Experience Points for each monster killed.

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